Title: President & CEO
Years in the Sport: 13 years swimming; 9 years waterpolo
Previous affiliations: DeAnza Aquatics, Bellermine High School; University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
Favorite race to swim/watch: 200 freestyle
Best swimming memory: The 1988 Seoul Olympics, when David Berkoff opened my eyes to changing the training technique of swimming. He was using the monofin, which I had first been exposed to in 1987. This single swim set the creative foundation for starting FINIS with Pablo Morales in 1993.
Favorite pool: The Stanford University pool brings back many fond memories of CCS swimming and waterpolo, along with the memories of watching a number of tremendous swimming and polo events since.
Favorite FINIS product: The Swimmer’s Snorkel and the Neptune MP3. They allow me to relax and swim with reduced stress and tension. I get to simply enjoy my swim.
Quote: Success begins when preparation meets opportunity.Henry Hartman
- John Mix
- John Mix