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FINIS’ Luane Rowe: Open Water Champ

FINIS’ Luane Rowe: Open Water Champ

Industrial Designer Luane Rowe wins the Alcatraz & Lake Barryessa Swims & Heads to the Cayman Islands Many people who work all week know that the weekends are a time for rest and relaxation, but not FINIS’ Industrial Designer Luane … Continue reading

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2012 Bridge to Bridge: Winner’s Route

2012 Bridge to Bridge: Winner's Route

Congrats to Rick Pierce who was the winner of yesterday’s Bridge to Bridge swim in the San Francisco Bay. Rick finished before the other 21 swimmer’s with a time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Rick comments on how he … Continue reading

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The Ideal App for Swimmers of All Types   The Swimulator+ app, created by Cassonz, is a FREE application that was created with swimmers in mind. This useful app provides swimmers the exact time to set a “bleeper” or Tempo … Continue reading

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Lara Jackson Boxing Her Way Towards Trials

Lara Jackson Boxing Her Way Towards Trials

Running, lifting, yoga, pilates, and…boxing? Cross training is a part of almost every Olympic hopefuls training regimen and FINIS’ Lara Jackson chooses boxing as her cross training activity. Lara is a firm believer that boxing is a great cross fit … Continue reading

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FINIS Facebook Product Giveaway

Exciting News!!! For every 100 NEW ‘Likes’ on our FINIS Swimming Page, we will randomly choose one of our fans and send them a FINIS Training Product for FREE! Each 100 ‘Likes’ will be a different Training Product. Help us … Continue reading

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Camera, Set,…Swim?

Camera, Set,...Swim?

Benefits of Filming for Swimming Camera, Set,…Swim? Filming isn’t new to sports, in fact almost every sport played is in some way filmed and shown to athletes to improve their technique. However, until recent technological advances, filming swimmers was something … Continue reading

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Why Swim?

Of all the sports and activities to choose from why does swimming consistently rank as one of the best, motivating its fans to jump into a pool no matter the season? Whether it’s to get physically fit or rehabilitate an … Continue reading

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A Day with Lara Jackson

A Day with Lara Jackson

Ever wonder what it’s like to be training for a spot on the 2012 Olympic team? From waking up at 6:15 in the morning to taking her dog out for a walk, Pan American Record Holder & FINIS athlete Lara … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Swim Workouts Fun and Interesting

If you are new to the world of swimming, you may initially view the sport that as monotonous – a lot of back and forth, up and down the swimming lanes form of exercise. While there is some truth to … Continue reading

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Preventing Injuries in Swimming

While swimming is one of the best sports on your joints (compared to running and biking), there are still some precautionary exercises that you should do, along with warning signs of a potential injury to watch out for.  Nothing sets … Continue reading

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