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Why Swimming is Good For… Surfing Pt. 2

In a previous blog FINIS Vice President, Tim Elson talked about the benefits of training in a swimming pool for surfers.  As we had promised, we now touch on anaerobic and sprint training and the benefits for surfers. Anaerobic training is … Continue reading

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Why Swimming is Good For: Surfing Pt. 1

For the next few months we are going to start a series titled “Why swimming is good for…”. This week FINIS Vice President Tim Elson explains the benefits of training in a swimming pool for those who surf. If you … Continue reading

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10 Questions with Ultra Swimmer Jamie Patrick

10 Questions with Ultra Swimmer Jamie Patrick

I was lucky enough some time with the busy Ultra Swimmer, Jamie Patrick for an interview.  If you don’t know much about Jamie, his most recent accomplishment was a 31+ hours, 111-Mile swim in the Sacramento River. Jamie is one … Continue reading

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6 Tips on Improving your Dolphin Kick

Butterfly is all about rhythm and flow. One of the best ways to achieve a steady rhythm is by developing your dolphin kick. As a result, dolphin kicking serves as the main fundamental in swimming Butterfly, and mastering the undulating … Continue reading

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Hydrospeed Velo Tweener Sizes Now Available in 25, 27, 29

Today we are launching additional sizes of the Hydrospeed Velo Tech Suit as worn by Lara Jackson, winner of the 50-Free at the 2011 PanAm Games. To provide a more custom fit three in-between sizes, 25, 27 and 29 are … Continue reading

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