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Robot Freestyle Drill

The “Robot Freestyle” is a drill that is designed to help you focus on swimming with a high elbow. It is essentially swimming normal freestyle but with several pauses during the stroke (as a robot would move). Start this new … Continue reading

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Freestyle Side-Kicking Drill with a Twist

I am sure most of you have done the basic side-kicking drill during a swim workout. This common drill works on body position by having one arm extended out in front and the other arm lying flat at your side. … Continue reading

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Horizontal vs. Vertical Pulling Eliminating the “S” Curve

Horizontal vs. Vertical Pulling Eliminating the "S" Curve

Recently while coaching my athletes, I realized they were all doing some of the same improper techniques during the pull portion of their stroke. When I asked them how they were taught how to pull their arm underwater, they all … Continue reading

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Train More Efficiently with SWOLF

Swimming for a triathlon and swimming competitively as a single sport have some very key intrinsic differences. The biggest difference is after a single swim at a competitive swim meet, you want to be exhausted at the end of that … Continue reading

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Base Training in the Correct Heart Rate Zone

Now is an important time of the year for triathlon training. During the winter months it is very important to focus on what is called “base training”. Base training involves doing workouts in a specific heart rate zone, primarily with … Continue reading

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Clearwater 70.3 Recap and Tips on Racing Strategies

My first full season as a professional triathlete came to a close at the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida. This race was my first World Championships event and for that reason I was excited, overwhelmed, and very prepared. Just … Continue reading

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Silent Swimming is Over! Using Music for Motivation

I had the opportunity to swim with the SwiMP3 for the first time last weekend.  I was doing my usual open water swim practice but there was one big difference…I had music!  While swimming endless laps in high school and … Continue reading

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Pool Swimming vs. Open Water Swimming

There is a big fundamental difference between open water swimming and pool swimming and it involves not being able to push off a wall in large bodies of water.  If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to train … Continue reading

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Swim more Efficiently by Establishing a Neutral Body Position

I have spent most of my life in the pool. For this reason I have had about 20 years to develop a good stroke, but I am still trying to make changes and become a more efficient swimmer. For most … Continue reading

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