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Ankle Flexibility

Ankle Flexibility

Kicking while swimming is a key component to moving your body forward in the water and having a proper body line. Underwater dolphin kicking in the streamline position has emerged as a “fifth stroke”, due to its incredible speed. For … Continue reading

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Cross Training for Swimming

Cross training for swimming is a delicate balance. As any triathlete can tell you, too much running and cycling can decrease ankle flexibility (not great for your kick) and increase muscle mass in the legs to the point of changing … Continue reading

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Why are swimmers so clumsy out of water?

I think most swimmers accept the claim that they are not as gifted out of water. Most of us swimmers feel somewhat uncomfortable or uncoordinated with physical activity that occurs outside the pool. The very fact that we call our … Continue reading

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Stop Fighting the Water! Part 5

Stop Fighting the Water! Part 5

Start using your feet: How to work on ankle flexibility Today I’m going to talk a bit about how to improve your ankle flexibility and eventually your overall propulsion from your kick. One of swimming’s unique aspects is that the … Continue reading

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Fraid Nots Friday – Ankle Flexibility

Watch Tom Drum use the Fraid Nots stretching system, to loosen up the ankles and stretch out the calves. Ankles and calves get very tight from kicking, and stretching them out after a workout can improve your quality of swimming. … Continue reading

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