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Gary Hall: Swimming Myths Debunked (8)

Gary Hall: Swimming Myths Debunked (8)

Ten Swimming Myths Busted Myth #8: When it comes to getting oxygen in freestyle, breathing every cycle is as good as it gets. In almost every other sport but swimming we get the luxury of breathing whenever we want. With maximal exertion, we are … Continue reading

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Workout Wednesday: Blossom into a Better Swimmer

Warm-up: 1200 (repeat below twice) 400 free breathing every 3 200 drill by 50′s; finger tip drag drill- (concentrate on high elbow) & Six kick side drill- (long smooth, extenuate rotation of hips, finish pull all the way) Kick/skull (4 … Continue reading

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Workout Wednesday: Pot Luck

This weeks workout I’m titling it Pot Luck. It is a little bit of everything…enjoy! Warm-up 200 free 100 IM/drill 50 kick 50 free 100 IM/swim 200 kick Breath Control 9×100 :15 seconds rest, breath pattern By 100′s- 3, 5, … Continue reading

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Coaching Tips that Help you Visualize and Improve your Technique

We all learn differently.  Whether it is algebra, paying taxes, or swimming, we all grasp concepts in a different way. Therefore much like teachers, swim coaches need to educate their “students” in a variety of ways. A coach may say … Continue reading

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5 Techniques to Improve Your Kick

5 Techniques to Improve Your Kick

We’ve talked before about how important it is to use your kick to maximize your speed and performance in the water and how ankle flexibility can help. Here are some more techniques for enhancing leg strength and muscle endurance. 1. … Continue reading

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