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Warm Down by Heart Rate

After a big competition or tough practice, many swimmers don’t warm-down enough. They may swim until they feel “loose”, but in reality they probably need to go further. When worked to the max, the muscles need more time to recover … Continue reading

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It’s Taper Time!

It's Taper Time!

I am getting ready to head off for US Masters Nationals back in my home town of Atlanta this week. Unfortunately I really haven’t been training consistently these past few months, so my taper is not very effective. However, if … Continue reading

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Warming Down

Warming Down

Warm-down: Why it’s important and how to stay motivated Warm-down, sometimes referred to as “cool-down,” is a period of easy swimming after a harder swim workout. This loosen period allows the body to actively recover from your swim. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading

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