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PT Paddles – Understanding the Specificity and Benefits

Fist freestyle is one of the most valuable drills to improve technique. Swimming with your hands balled into tight fists drastically reduces the surface area of your hand, thus reducing the resistance you are able to create in the water … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving For The Pool

Whether you’re looking for a Thanksgiving morning workout to “earn” that second slice of pumpkin pie or for a day-after workout that will burn off all those extra calories we indulge in on our day of thanks, this workout is … Continue reading

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Sample Workouts with PT Paddles

Sample Workouts with PT Paddles

PT Paddles help enhance your feel in the water by using a unique shape that deflects water away from the hand, heightening the body’s senses. Your hands will seem to slip through the water when you put the PT Paddles … Continue reading

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Stop Fighting the Water! Part 3

Stop Fighting the Water! Part 3

Pull More Water A goal of every swimmer should be to constantly refine their technique to become more efficient in the water. We’ve discussed how you can lengthen your Freestyle stroke by extending the hand entry. Another opportunity to improve … Continue reading

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