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Swim across Lake Tahoe, Twice!

Swim across Lake Tahoe, Twice!

FINIS Athlete Jamie Patrick recently completed the first Double-Crossing of Lake Tahoe. Jamie is an avid openwater swimmer and triathlete. A short list of his accomplishments include: 15 Time Ironman Finisher 4 Time Ironman Swim Champion 2 Time Ultraman World … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Make Your Swim Workout More Interesting

Swimming by yourself can be a challenging activity. Swimming laps can quickly become monotonous. On top of that, it can be difficult to gauge your improvement and keep motivated throughout the year. With these challenges in mind, I hope I … Continue reading

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John’s Playlist

This morning I woke up feeling great and headed to the pool for a short swim to start the day. Like many other mornings, the music from my SwiMP3 player got the best of me and I had a great workout … Continue reading

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Warming Down

Warming Down

Warm-down: Why it’s important and how to stay motivated Warm-down, sometimes referred to as “cool-down,” is a period of easy swimming after a harder swim workout. This loosen period allows the body to actively recover from your swim. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading

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President’s Welcome

President's Welcome

Welcome to the FINIS Blog. A new location to share some of the interesting swimming information we discuss every day. If you are reading this post, you probably are involved with the sport of swimming at some level, and so … Continue reading

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