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Laurie Hug: FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro

Laurie Hug: FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro

About four years ago, I purchased a FINIS Tempo Trainer and immediately loved the product. I started using it during solo training sessions where I found I was able to stay more focused and keep up with more difficult intervals. Setting … Continue reading

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Off Season Swim Training for Triathletes

Off Season Swim Training for Triathletes

It is now October, which means most triathletes are done with their competitive season.  Of those athletes, many will stop swimming completely as they back off of their training for the winter. Come spring time, they will surely find that … Continue reading

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The Alignment Kickboard: Helen’s Story

The Alignment Kickboard: Helen's Story

There are a few moments at FINIS that stand out as more significant than others. The ability to help people do what they love is one of the most rewarding experiences we are granted as humans. Below is an email … Continue reading

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Open Water: Do I Have To Cool Down?

In a follow up to the previous post on Tuesday, Warm Up, this post is all about cooling down after races. Although getting back in the cold open water is most likely the last thing you want to do after … Continue reading

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How to use Heart Rate in the Pool with the AquaPulse™

We have mentioned before how important heart rate is to swimmers, but many coaches and swimmers are still unsure of how to best utilize heart rate during workouts. So to get you started, below are a few a few suggested … Continue reading

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Warm Down by Heart Rate

After a big competition or tough practice, many swimmers don’t warm-down enough. They may swim until they feel “loose”, but in reality they probably need to go further. When worked to the max, the muscles need more time to recover … Continue reading

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It’s Taper Time!

It's Taper Time!

I am getting ready to head off for US Masters Nationals back in my home town of Atlanta this week. Unfortunately I really haven’t been training consistently these past few months, so my taper is not very effective. However, if … Continue reading

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Warming Down

Warming Down

Warm-down: Why it’s important and how to stay motivated Warm-down, sometimes referred to as “cool-down,” is a period of easy swimming after a harder swim workout. This loosen period allows the body to actively recover from your swim. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading

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