Workout Wednesday: Excel Through Drills

Time to excel through DRILL


10×25 swim free; touch-n-go

8×50 kick/drill choice;  :5 seconds rest

6×100 odd: free, even: IM ;  :10 seconds rest

4×150 middle 50 kick; :10seconds rest

2×200 steady swim; :10seonds rest


3×150 IM no FREE; :15 seconds rest

2×200 FREE, build 50’s; :15 seconds rest

1×300 middle 100 stroke other than FREE


3×200 :20 seconds rest, see below

50 FREE drill- 25 right arm, 25 left arm (keep your opposite arm out in front)

50 bulldozer kick- hold kick board out in front parallel, half the board in the water

50 FREE catch-up 2 second count drill



200 easy cool-down


TOTAL= 4,200 yards

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