Workout Wednesday: Hypoxic Breathing

1×400 Free :30 seconds rest
1×400 IM/drill by 50′s :30 seconds rest
1×200 kick/skull by 50′s

(1 minute rest)

4×250 pulling gear and FINIS snorkel :10 seconds rest
*if you don’t have a snorkel breathe every 5th stroke

(1 minute rest)

6×100 kick with fins :15 seconds rest
8×50 with fins IM order (fly, back, breast, free x2) :10 seconds rest

(2 minutes rest)

Hypoxic set:
*at any point you feel light headed or get a headache- STOP!! Be effective an smart

1×300 (go right into 200)
Breath control by 100′s- beginners: 3,5,7
advanced: 5,7,9
1×200 choice :30 seconds rest
Breathe control by 50′s- beginners: 5,7,9
advanced:  7,9,12
200 cool down

Total= 4,000 yards

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