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AquaPulse® Heart Rate Monitor

AquaPulse® Heart Rate Monitor

Never stop to check your heart rate again. With the AquaPulse® Heart Rate Monitor your current heart rate is verbally announced while you swim.

Innovation of the Year winner

SKU# 1.05.038

Availability: In stock

Never stop to check your heart rate again. With the AquaPulse® Heart Rate Monitor your current heart rate is verbally announced while you swim. Simply slip the AquaPulse® inside your goggle strap, attach the soft rubber clip to your earlobe, and go swim. Using an infrared sensor to monitor capillary blood flow, your heart beat is detected through your earlobe. The heart rate is then audibly communicated to you in real time, where the information is transmitted directly to your inner ear via Bone Conduction Technology. No ear buds, cumbersome chest straps, or watch devices are needed.

The heart rate announcements are made regularly in 10-second, 20-second, 30-second, 45-second, 1-minute, 2-minute or 5-minute increments. Push the “Instant Heart Rate” button to hear your last recorded reading again. Complete with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you can use the AquaPulse® from five to eight hours depending on the interval setting. Simply plug the integrated USB directly into a USB port on your computer to recharge.
Audible Heart Rate in Real Time
Heart rate announced while you move; no need to pause and look at a watch
Bone Conduction Audio Announcement
Verbally conveys your heart rate through your jawbone into your inner ear; no ear buds needed
Infrared Sensor Technology
Picks up heart rate through your earlobe
Announcement Increments
Set the device to announce every 10 secs, 20secs, 30secs, 45secs, 1min, 2mins or 5mins
Instant Heart Rate Button
Repeats last recorded heart rate reading
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Charges through USB port and provides 8* hours of use
*Depending on interval settings
USB Charging
To recharge, plug the AquaPulse™ directly into the USB port on a computer or USB wall charger
Made for swimmers by swimmers

Customer Reviews

works great now Review by alan

When I first got it I couldn't get it to work all the time. It said to attach to earlobe, but after I switched it to the top of my ear it worked fine. Use it all the time

(Posted on 3/5/14)

Does what it says Review by john

1. An effective way to judge workout intensity.
2. Accurate readings. I tested it against my Polar Heart Rate monitor and it gave the same readings.
3. Easy to use

1. Read outs not loud enough. While swimming I was only able to hear the readouts about 50% of the time.
2. Only gives "real time" readouts. Does not store ANY information except latest readout. For 150 bucks you would expect to at least store average heart rate or give total elapsed time.

(Posted on 10/5/11)

Love this device but here are suggestions and observations for buyers Review by Hop

OK, I still love it and I'm using it everyday.

Here are three things you need to do if you buy it:

1. The "waterproof" cap for the USB connector leaks and, in pool water, apparently causes the system to discharge and malfunction. The solution: Use Vaseline to load the cap before inserting it over the connector making a completely waterproof seal. Works perfectly, no downsides. Just wipe off the USB leads before charging and reload the cap with Vaseline each time.

2. Use a separate strap. At least with my goggle strap the space introduced by hooking the unit on the goggle strap causes the goggle to leak. Using a separate strap solves this problem.

3. To hear it you can position it over the ear or on the bone. I've found I can hear it just fine through the water directly into the ear and that position is not sensitive to having continuous plastic to bone contact.

And four observations for use:

1. The obvious use is to establish training intensity and duration.

2. Less obvious is to see if swimming efficiency is improving (or declining) by comparing heart rate to pace times. I think this is a profoundly useful objective measure of something that is otherwise very difficult to know.

3. Since the interval is settable it can be used as a time marker while swimming if you establish a reference point in the pool when it announces.

4. And, as in the previous post: It works great on dry land so it can be used running or rowing or bicycling, etc.

(Posted on 7/18/11)

Works great swimming AND running Review by Hop

I first tried this device running and, to my surprise, it worked better than a chest strap device and was more useful since it announced the heart rate. Doesn't record heart rate vs time but I'm OK with that.

It also works very well in the water. I can see it becoming an integral part of my daily training.

(Posted on 7/7/11)

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