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The Shockwave Goggles use curved polycarbonate lenses that provide optimal viewing in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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The Shockwave Goggles use curved polycarbonate lenses that provide optimal viewing in both indoor and outdoor environments. The Smoke style comes with High Definition lenses that filter out blue light and improve contrast and depth perception. The Clear style gives you the same viewing quality, but does not distort the color indoors. The curved lenses provide a wider angle of vision, while also wrapping comfortably around the face. The Shockwave Goggle comes with a silicone split-strap that is threaded through a patented side-button clip for quick and easy adjusting.
High Definition Lenses
Available in the Smoke style, the HD Lenses offer maximum eye protection, filtering out 100% of blue light and improving contrast and depth perception
Curved Lenses
Provides an optimal goggle fit with no underwater distortion
Patented Side-Button Clip
Makes fittings and adjustments simple
Silicone Split-Strap
Provides security and comfort around head
Soft One-Piece Frame
Durable frame designed for swimmers 14 years and older
Latex Free
Anti Fog
UV Protection
Polycarbonate Lens

Customer Reviews

Best googles ever Review by Rennah

My son has a favorite pair of googles he has worn since age 4. They were big on him of course but adjusted well to fit. We can not remember where we bought them and the googles have Lane 4 BS 5883:1996 on them. My son has worn them until lenses are scratched and strap broke. I know these are an old model but was told to go to your website because you are the retailers for Lane 4. I now know the googles nam has changed but seems to still be the same exceptional product. I have order 3 more pairs for my son. He is very excited to get the new pairs in the mail.
Renee T

(Posted on 6/12/14)

Best Swim Goggles Ever Review by Gull over

My brother sent these as a gift and I love them. He sent the tinted, which are great outdoors. I bought another pair in clear for indoors. They fit perfectly, adjust easily, and are very comfortable. I wore Speedo in past but these are far superior. If you're a fitness swimmer like I am, buy these! Thank you, Finis, for a wonderful product.

(Posted on 11/12/13)

great tool Review by daryl

at 65 years old, and a Florida resident with a pool used 12 months a year i have tried a heck of a lot of goggles, many more expensive than these.

I have to agree...this are the best fitting goggles for anyone who has ever had a problem getting a good fit elsewhere...

they must be super forgiving and super adaptable to different bone structures...

they just are extremely comfortable and water tight...obviously the strap mechanism is without question the best on the market...

(Posted on 9/19/13)

nice goggles but don't last Review by 42lou

I purchased the shockwave goggles a year ago, used them 2 to 3 times a week during the summer, less in the winter, I was careful not to leave them exposed to the sun or in the hot car and always put them back in the plastic case after using them. The last time I used them the plastic tabs on the strap bracket broke off rendering the goggles useless. although I loved the fit and visibility, I expect them to last much longer for the price.

(Posted on 7/11/13)

These goggles are magic! Review by Sam's Mom

My son Sam is 11 years old and has Down syndrome, a brain injury, apraxia, dysphagia, bi-lateral conductive hearing loss, respiratory/immune issues, hip dysplasia and Perthes. Here is an excerpt from my blog Sam has been doing therapy in water since he was 2 years old. He loves the water but his eyes don't handle the chlorine and chemicals very well and he loves to swim underwater. Over the last 9 years I have purchased many different goggles but Sam never adapted to any of them. Sam has huge sensory issues around his head and I remember stressing out over his hearing aid but Ellen Doman had told me "If he can hear better...he will wear it" and he did. So I rationalized that if the goggles worked for him and kept water out of his eyes he would wear them...right??? But none of the goggles seemed to fit right or work well for him. So I jumped on the Hammacher Schlemmer site, wish I would have come here first. This company tests all the products listed in their catalog and only sells the best of the best. They had a pair of swimming goggles for $23.00 (which I now know are Finis Shockwave Goggles) and I decided to give them a try. After all they had a lifetime guarantee.

Sam sat on the edge of the pool and I showed him the goggles. His voice became very loud as he yelled "NO GOGGLES, NO MOM". There were 4 to 5 senior citizens in the pool and a group of people from a local group home and a few others. As Sam's voice got louder they all began to turn and stare. Normally these situations would make me very uncomfortable and I would try to quiet Sam and probably give up. My mind would have gone to that place where I see them telling their friends and family about the horrible Mom at the pool who tortured her poor special needs child with a pair of swimming goggles. But today was an amazing day and he had done so well with so much that I felt with a little push "He could do this." I ignored the stares and just concentrated on Sam telling him "You can do this, Sam. I know you can." His therapist and I united and said "No swimming if you don't wear the goggles." Sam yelled louder and every time we got them on he just pulled them off and tried to throw them. After probably 10 attempts, Wendy threw some dolphins in the water and let them sink to the bottom. We attempted to put the goggles on one more time. A gentleman from the group home joined my encouragement to Sam and told him "You can wear the goggles Sam. You look cool." As soon as they were on I told him "Dive under water Sam, go ahead, get the dolphins"...and after one more very loud yell he dove in and when he came up and gently tapped the goggles...I knew we had finally accomplished the goal. Sam began to dive underwater again and again and each time he would try to go deeper. I don't know whose smile was bigger...mine or Sam's. He began to go under and he would start talking before he came up, he said "Mom, Sam's toes, cool". He swam under water for longer and longer which is so great to help him work on his deep breathing and lung strength. Wendy, his therapist said, "I'm pretty sure those are magic goggles." The people around the pool stopped staring and began smiling, they were as amazed as I was that a little boy so dead set against a pair of goggles could now embrace them as the coolest thing in the world. Wendy dove with him and she said his eyes are wide open and he is just taking everything in and his smile is from ear to ear. Sam swam and swam and his Mom I swam happy tears. His hip no longer seemed stiff or sore, he dove and he swam, he dove and he smiled. After a while he began to lift the goggles up if any drips of water got in and he re-adjusted them himself. No direction and we were no longer worried that he was going to rip them off or throw them.
It seems like such a simple thing...getting a child to wear swim goggles and yet this was a goal that was 9 years in the making. Tonight I am so very proud of Sam. I'm pretty sure he is still swimming with his magic goggles in his dreams! THESE GOGGLES ARE THE BEST!!!

(Posted on 5/8/12)

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