Wednesday Workout: Technique

Find the technique to be stronger and faster!!

Warm-up 800 reverse IM drill by 100s

(1:00 minute rest)

4×200 IM :15 seconds rest
Odd- swim
Even-reverse drill/kick by 25s

(2:00 minutes rest)

8×100 :1O seconds rest
75 swim free
25 catch up drill with a 6 beat kick

(2:00 minutes rest)

Repeat 3 times- take 1:00 minute rest between each round
1×500 smooth, work on long arms & hip rotation- your choice: pull (paddles, buoy, snorkel) or swim
:30 seconds rest
2×100 negative split (swim) :10 seconds rest

200 easy cool down

Total =4,400 yards