Making Sense of the Data — Swimsense Review by Glen Gore

The FINIS Swimsense™ has been with me during my workouts for the last couple of weeks. With the recent Festive Season, training time has certainly not been what it should be. Nonetheless, I made sure I used the Swimsense for all my pool training.

The initial take on this technical swim gadget was ease of use and 100% accuracy. Lap counts, distance swum, different strokes completed…this watch did it all to perfection. The trick now comes as to “how do I incorporate this Swimsense into my daily swim workouts so that I can gauge my performance level increases?” Triathletes are very much on the forefront with technical products that are manufactured to improve one’s performance. So the Swimsense is a fantastic tool that will be well suited to all triathletes, from the novice level right up to elite.

I still need to play a lot with the Swimsense and find an angle to adapt my training sets to ensure that the Swimsense is put to good use. The downloaded data can be a little confusing and takes a while to grasp. I see the graphs but how will those graphs help me with my swim performance? As a coach, I can definitely see potential. An example would be to take an athlete and give them a set standard of repeats on a given time, making sure they are recording this data. You will then store the workout for later analysis. The goal of the coach would be then to work on the swimmers technique and fitness over a few workouts. Then come back and repeat the same “test” set on the same given time and compare the 2 sets of data. One would easily be able to track improvement in the swim efficiency and relate that to the times for each repeat. Sounds sophisticated but is really quite simple.

Bottom-line, the Swimsense is a great tool for a triathlete, but it does need to be used over a period of time in order to get the full benefits from the data it gives you.