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FINIS “Why Swim” video

Why swim? We all make the trip to the pool for a slightly different reason. Whether you swim for fitness or to escape, we all agree that there is something special about the water. No other sport will leave you feeling as satisfied and as peaceful as swimming.

FINIS is a brand that understands what it means to be a swimmer. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a weekend warrior we have the tools and the experience to make your swimming experience a memorable one. Thank you for helping us achieve twenty years of business – we would not have grown without your support. From the Monofin and the Snorkel to the SwiMP3, it has been an amazing journey thus far. FINIS is committed to being a part of your every trip to the pool and we would love to know, #whyswim?

Why Swim video

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FINIS Announces Sponsorship of Nicoletta Simonazzi

Livermore, CA – (February 7, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your swimming potential and technique, announces the two-year sponsorship of athlete, Nicoletta Simonazzi. The Italian open water swimmer’s career skyrocketed in 2009 when she competed and won the prestigious Straight of Messina crossing race in Italy, a 5.2k race. Currently, she has her sights set on earning a spot in the 2013 open water 25k World Championships and European Championships.Nicoletta Simonazzi
After Simonazzi’s big win in 2009, she began focusing on International competitions, such as the World Cup and FINA Grand Prix series. There, she saw huge improvements in placement and started to climb the Grand Prix leaderboard. In 2010, Simonazzi placed 3rd at the Sabac Marathon, and 7th in the Grand Prix world rankings. In 2011, she struggled with a physical injury, but despite the setback, she still managed to finish 5th at Capri-Napoli, 7th at Santa Fe-Coronda, and climbed a spot in the world rankings to 6th in the Grand Prix series. Last year, Simonazzi focused on her training and finished 5th in the Capri-Napoli Marathon.
This year, Simonazzi has her goal set on the World and European Championships and has a successful year of training behind her. She now strives to be a top contender at the events.
The 23-year-old is from Gualtieri, Italy, and enjoys watching basketball and dancing. FINIS is very excited to welcome such a graceful and accomplished athlete and is looking forward to Simonazzi’s success in the coming years.
Visit Nicoletta Simonazzi’s athlete page at:


FINIS Welcomes Bobby Savulich as its New International and Team Sales Rep

Livermore, CA – (February 6, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your fitness potential and technique, welcomes Bobby Savulich as the International and Team Sales Representative for the company. Savulich’s impressive swimming career took off when he attended University of Michigan, becoming a 6-time NCAA All-American and 13-time Big Ten Champion.  In addition to those accomplishments, he was also an Academic All-American.

After Savulich’s NCAA career, he trained professionally for three years with Club Wolverine and legendary sprint coach, Mike Bottom.  In 2011, he swam at the World University Games in Shenzhen, China where he won a gold medal as anchor in the 4×100 freestyle relay.  Savulich also won two silver medals when he represented the United States as a member of the Pan American Team in Guadalajara, Mexico.Bobby Savulich

When Savulich is not in the water, he is doing his best to promote the sport.  He organized the first Professional Swimming Dual Meet, Pro Dual 1, and founded Athlete Approved, a company that supports Olympic hopefuls by sharing ideas, techniques and products.  “Both initiatives have pushed the sport forward by utilizing progressive ideas and giving back to athletes in need,” said Savulich.

As a professional swimmer, Savulich has become familiar with FINIS products, such as the Swimmer’s Snorkel, Foil Monofin, Turn Master Pro and Swim Mirrors.  He said:

“I am looking forward to using my swimming background and knowledge to continue the success of the company. It is my goal to help continue to make FINIS the hands down leader in this industry.  It is obvious that FINIS is always looking for ways to improve the sport, and the swimming community has taken notice.”

Savulich has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of Michigan and a master’s degree in Sports Management from Eastern Michigan University.


FINIS Hires Colleen Healy to Manage Customized Suit Sales and Designs

Livermore, CA – (February 4, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your fitness potential and technique, announces Colleen Healy as the new Custom Sales Support Specialist.  Healy has a strong background in swimming, both as an athlete and working professional.  Her role at FINIS will be to manage the company’s growing Customization line of suits, caps and apparel.Colleen Healy

Healy’s swimming career started at age six and she continued to pursue the sport throughout college.  While swimming for Swim Florida, she became a 2-time Florida High School State Champion in the 100 fly and runner-up in the 100 back.  Healy attended the University of Florida where she competed in U.S. Nationals, three SEC Championships and qualified for Olympic Trials in 2008.  In her senior year, Healy was part of a SEC record-setting 200-medley relay, and qualified for the NCAA championships in 6 events.  She ended her swimming career as a 3-time All-American and 1st team All-SEC.

More recently, Healy has coached for Gator Swim Club in Gainesville, Florida, and Olympic Cascade Aquatics in Seattle, Washington.  Healy also has professional experience in the swimming industry that she brings to FINIS.

“I am excited to join FINIS because they are constantly looking to improve the way we swimmers train and race.  I look forward to contributing to the growth of the company and being a part of a well-connected team,” said Healy.

Healy has a bachelor and masters degree in Sports Management from the University of Florida.


FINIS Welcomes Plamen Nikolov, New General Manager to the European Office

Livermore, CA– (January 29, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your fitness potential and technique, announces Plamen Nikolov as the General Manager of FINIS Europe.  Nikolov brings 12 years of corporate experience in sales, marketing and management, and has previously held positions as Sales Director for Toyota, Commercial Director for Daihatsu, and Business and Marketing Development at MSPS International and Hensel Electric International.

Nikolov started in January, and has already visited the FINIS USA office to meet the staff and receive in-depth training in each department. Plamen-Nikolov

“I am very excited to join the company because of the advanced technologies, unique products and dedicated employees,” Nikolov said.  “FINIS’ growth in the international market has steadily increased over the years and I intend to set the highest standards for customer service and satisfaction during this time.”

Nikolov, a native of Bulgaria, is also fluent in English, Russian and German.  He earned his master’s degree from Sofia University and doctorate degree from University of Klagenfurt.  Among his educational accomplishments, the Austrian Ministry of Education and Culture also granted Nikolov the Ernst Mach Scholarship Award.

For more information on FINIS, visit the website: or


FINIS Announces New Controller, Bruce Neuschwander


Bruce1Livermore, CA – (January 22, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your fitness potential and technique, announces Bruce Neuschwander as the new FINIS Controller.  Neuschwander has an extensive experience in controllership, planning, manufacturing, and international business with startup companies.  He also has a background with complex multinational enterprises, including expatriate assignments.

“It is exciting to be part of a team that is focused on maximizing human performance for swimmers of all backgrounds.  FINIS leads the way for someone like me with a non-competitive swimming base,” Neuschwander said.

Neuschwander comes to FINIS as a nine-time Ironman finisher and has had a passion for the multisport lifestyle since 1985.

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Welcome Alan Welco, New Managing Director

FINIS Welcomes Managing Director, Alan Welco, to the Team

Livermore, CA – (January 16, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your fitness potential and technique, announces that Alan Welco has joined the management team as a Managing Director responsible for sales worldwide.  Alan brings over 30 years of successful sales management experience from the high technology industry, including the last 13 years at KLA-Tencor.

Welco was a collegiate swimmer and water polo player at DeAnza College and University of California, Santa Barbara.  He graduated with a B.S. in Pharmacology, and went on to earn his MBA from Pepperdine University.  When asked about joining the company, Welco said,

 “I am very excited to join the FINIS team and help continue the rapid growth of this premier brand.  I also feel that I am a great example of someone who has rediscovered the enjoyment of swimming, in large part due to FINIS’ products such as the SwiMP3, Zoomers fins and Swimmer’s Snorkel.”

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FINIS Signs Alexander Studzinski

Alex 3

Livermore, CA – (January 8, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your swimming potential and technique, announces the sponsorship of athlete, Alexander Studzinski.  The German open water swimmer from Wiesbaden has competed all over the world, including the FINA Grand Prix and World Cup Racing Series. Studzinski specializes in long distance open water, focusing on 10k and 25k races.

Studzinski’s long list of achievements started in 2004 where he placed fourth at the World Championships in the 25k.  From there, he was no stranger to top placements in high-level races around the globe, including first place in the 10k at the Worldcup in Singapore in 2006, and first place in the 36km at FINA Grand Prix Capri-Naples in 2007.  In 2008, Studzinski underwent surgery on his shoulders and seemed unsure about his future as a swimmer.  After enduring countless months of physical therapy work, Studzinski returned to the world circuit ready to race.

Over the past several years, Studzinski has been consistently improving, and since his third place finish at FINA Grand Prix Rosario in 2011, he has redeemed his rightful place among the best open swimmers. In 2013, he will look to place in the top three in the FINA Grand Prix series and, in the process, qualify to compete in the 10k and 25k at the Open Water World Championships.  Studzinski’s ultimate goal is to bring home gold at the FINA Grand Prix series. Alex 1 Alex

Studzinski’s words to keep him going are: “Leidenschaft heißt Leidenschaft, weil sie Leiden schafft,” meaning, “Passion is passion, because it causes suffering.” As he strives to top the Grand Prix leaderboard, he remembers the adversity he has overcome on his journey.

John Mix, FINIS President and CEO commented on the signing said, “It is not too often that an athlete comes along and shows such a positive and indomitable spirit. We are honored to call Alex Studzinski a FINIS athlete.”

Visit Alexander Studzinski’s athlete page at:



FINIS Launches the New Streamline Log

Livermore, CA – (December, 21 2012) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your fitness potential and technique, announces the immediate upgrade of the Swimsense Performance Monitor online training log. The new Streamline Training Log is now integrated with more user-friendly features and layouts, making it easier for users to review and visualize their workout results. The new look and feel also mirrors the current FINIS website and branding material. Swimsense-Scene-LR

The FINIS development team has been working hard the past few months to integrate the Swimsense Log into the new Streamline Training Log. Like the name implies, the new log is more streamlined and easier to navigate. FINIS has also setup a better dashboard and improved the timeline & graphs of the Swimsense workouts. The improved log includes many other notable features:

  • Users will experience a whole new look with improved charts that make the workout data easier to read and understand
  • Swimmers can edit their workouts and manually enter kick and drill portions of their swim
  • Split-times, rest times, and global averages can be more easily read and understood at a glance
  • Users will see a revised dashboard that shows recent workout results and compares them instantly to their lifetime averages
  • The Log also boasts a revamped “Goals” functionality, encouraging users to set their aim high and strive to reach it

The new Streamline Log is also compatible with the Hydro Tracker GPS. FINIS customers, who have both the Swimsense and the Hydro Tracker GPS will be able to view both their pool and open-water workouts in one place.

Current Swimsense users will be need to download a new Swimsense bridge so that their workouts will be uploaded correctly to the new Streamline Training log. Log into the Streamline log with the same email and password that you used on the old training log. Set goals, review workouts, share, and more!

To access the Streamline Training Log, visit


FINIS Sponsors the Univ. of Alabama

Livermore, CA – (December 6, 2012) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products, announces an official team sponsorship with the University of Alabama. Over the next 3 years, the men and women’s teams will utilize FINIS technical swimming products and wear top-of-the-line racing apparel as they set their sights on the NCAA Championships.

“Not only are we excited to sign such an athletic juggernaut as the University of Alabama, but we are ecstatic to work with coaching legends Dennis Pursley and Jonty Skinner. Being a former swimming coach myself, I cannot say enough how much I admire their coaching accomplishments,” said FINIS Vice President, Tim Elson.

Head Coach Dennis Pursley has an amazing resume in the sport. His coaching career started in the 1970’s when he trained female swimmer, Mary T Meagher, whose world records lasted for decades.
From there he coached for the Australian Institute of Sport, which accounted for half of the Australian medals in the 1984 Olympics. In 1989, Pursley was appointed as the first USA Swimming National Team Director, a post that he held for 14 years. The USA Olympic team finished first in the medal count at three Olympic Games under his direction.

Assisting Pursley is former world record holder, NCAA Champion and International Hall of Famer, Jonty Skinner. As a swimmer, Skinner captured four US National titles in addition to his 1975 NCAA title. He also held the world record in the 100 free for five years, and was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1986. As a coach, his swimmers have won 18 national titles and 20 Olympic medals. Additionally, he spent 6 years as the head coach of the USA Resident National team and 8 years as USA Swimming’s Director of Performance Science and Technology.

FINIS is proud to support the University of Alabama Men’s and Women’s swim programs, and look forward to their success. Roll Tide!