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Workout Wednesday: Freestyle Base

1×600 25 kick, 75 drill

4×125 middle 75 kick :15 seconds rest

8×25 15 meter underwater kick, 10 yards swim :15 seconds rest



4×250 steady a smooth, :15 seconds rest

4×200 negative split by 100, :20 seconds rest

4×150 strong middle 50, :20 seconds rest

4×100 build through the 100 by 25’s, :25 seconds rest

4×50   SPRINT, :30 seconds rest




4,500=total yards

-Brooke Bennett





As swimmers, we are all too often poked fun of because of what we do. The time we devote, the miles we train… All for that moment of glory. I would like to share this poem with you, because now I don’t have to explain why I do what I do, to achieve GREATNESS.

We smell like chlorine
Most of the time
It’s morning practice again
But, no, I don’t whine

Watch the clock counting down
Through another long set
I was told this was fun
Well, it isn’t fun yet

But when you get to the meet
And the adrenaline is pumping
You step up on the block
And your heart’s just a-thumping

All of the work
And all the repetition
Comes down to this moment
Comes down to one mission

First to the wall
When the pad, it is touched
An incredible rush

You turn and you look
And on that scoreboard
A one next to your name
And you think ‘Thank you, Lord!’

I did it this time
I love this darn sport
Though we don’t have a ball
And we don’t have a court

We just have lane lines
We just have our pools
But when you get up on those blocks
You know this sport rules!

~From the poetic mind of a great friend and coach Scot Wiess.

About Wiess: He is an inventor and entrepreneur. A former age group coach and now masters swimmer on Blu Frog. Wiess was on two USMS world record relays and is passionate about the water. Weiss patented ‘Parachute Skimmer’, a pool and water cleaning tool. And in his spare time a “closet poet” :)

-Brooke Bennett


Workout Wednesday: Explore New Grounds


1×200 Free/Back by 50’s

:30 seconds rest

1×200 Free/Breast by 50’s

:30 seconds rest

1×200 Free/Drill Fly by 50’s


(1 minute rest)


6×75 kick :10 seconds rest


(1 minute rest)


6×150 :20 seconds rest

No breath from flags in and out, off each wall


(1 minute rest)


4×100 Free :10 seconds rest}x2

4×50 kick :10 seconds rest}


(1 minute rest)



3×300 :15 seconds rest

middle 100 IM by 25’s

2×200 :15 seconds rest

Free/Stroke by 50’s

:30 seconds rest

1×100 choice stroke ALL OUT








Workout Wednesday: Swimming to be Solid Gold

1×400 free/stroke drill by 50’s

2×200 IM- 1 drill, 1 swim


4x100kick :10 seconds rest

4x100pull :15 seconds rest


4×250 dec 1-4 :20 seconds rest, dec to 400 pace

4×150 dec 1-4 :15 seconds rest, dec to 200 pace

4×50 dec 1-4   :10
seconds rest, dec to race pace

1×200 DPS, catch up drill (count strokes by 50’s and try to drop down, by each 50)


16×25 :10 seconds rest, every 4th underwater kick

1×200 cool down


Total=3,200 yards


Workout Wednesday: Olympic Dreams do come true…and they start in the workout

Olympic Dreams do come true…and they start in the workout!

1×600 free/drill by 100′s

3×200 IM swim/drill by 25′s, 10 seconds rest

6×100 kick, 10 seconds rest
1 each x2- free, back, fly or breast

12×50, 10 seconds rest
2-free, 1-back
1-free, 2-back

Lochte vs. Phelps IM set-
1×400 IM by 25′s drill, 20 seconds rest
2×200 IM by 50′s, 15 seconds rest
1×400 IM-broken RACE PACE, 10 seconds rest at each 100.

1×200 easy drill, swim

3,800 yards=Total



Workout Wednesday: Excel Through Drills

Time to excel through DRILL


10×25 swim free; touch-n-go

8×50 kick/drill choice;  :5 seconds rest

6×100 odd: free, even: IM ;  :10 seconds rest

4×150 middle 50 kick; :10seconds rest

2×200 steady swim; :10seonds rest


3×150 IM no FREE; :15 seconds rest

2×200 FREE, build 50’s; :15 seconds rest

1×300 middle 100 stroke other than FREE


3×200 :20 seconds rest, see below

50 FREE drill- 25 right arm, 25 left arm (keep your opposite arm out in front)

50 bulldozer kick- hold kick board out in front parallel, half the board in the water

50 FREE catch-up 2 second count drill



200 easy cool-down


TOTAL= 4,200 yards


Workout Wednesday: Technique-N-Endurance

200 free
200 back
200 free

2- :20 seconds rest
2- :10 seconds rest
2- :05 seconds rest

*try pick up the speed each set of two, to a moderate/strong pace

6×100 kick with fins :15 seconds rest

Zoom in on your technique-Free

4×50 DPS :10seconds rest
4×50 25drill, 25 swim  :15 seconds rest
2×50 1-moderate, 1- FAST :20 seconds rest
(Repeat set)

3×300 buoy, paddles & snorkel
Dec 1-3, 15 seconds rest

Cool down-200

Total= 4,200 yards

Have a great workout :)



Wednesday Workout: Technique

Find the technique to be stronger and faster!!

Warm-up 800 reverse IM drill by 100s

(1:00 minute rest)

4×200 IM :15 seconds rest
Odd- swim
Even-reverse drill/kick by 25s

(2:00 minutes rest)

8×100 :1O seconds rest
75 swim free
25 catch up drill with a 6 beat kick

(2:00 minutes rest)

Repeat 3 times- take 1:00 minute rest between each round
1×500 smooth, work on long arms & hip rotation- your choice: pull (paddles, buoy, snorkel) or swim
:30 seconds rest
2×100 negative split (swim) :10 seconds rest

200 easy cool down

Total =4,400 yards


Olympic Trials to Master’s National

Olympic Trials to Master’s National…Omaha hosts swimmings finest 

Once a competitor at the Olympic Trials but this time just a spectator, I soon realized I was still in it stroke for stroke with the athletes.

My experience-  simply incredible!!

Eight nights of the fastest swimming the World had seen so far this year, with something like 23 first time Olympians….amazing!

I witnessed the newbies become stars. And the veterans that missed their chance at London showed why they were first-class acts in their prime. The sport of swimming, in my eyes, is simply the  greatest thing since sliced bread!!

And if one great competition wasn’t enough, United States Masters Swimming pulled out all the stops to host their Summer Nationals directly after the completion of the Olympic Trials.

I surely was not going to miss my chance to say I raced in the Olympic Trials pool, so one more time this former Olympic champ threw on her cap and goggles and got her race on.

Better than Christmas morning-As I walked up the steps to the pool deck at the Century Link Center, a rush came over my body. I felt honored just to be able to stand on deck.

But now I got to take it even further.

Two days to train, before I would race in one race at USMS Nationals.

(Originally scheduled to race the 400 and 1500 free, I adjusted my travel to get home to my family after learning Tuesday my Dad’s sister, my Aunt Carol had passed. And though my Dad wanted me to stay and do my thing, my heart wanted to be home with my Daddy. It will be a surprise to him, with my early return.)

The race: the 1500 free- the longest race in a pool and one that I feel very at home with. The longer the better!

I was a rookie once again in my career. I had not swam this event yet, in my short return to competitive swimming. And as I prepared for this race, there is one very important thing to know-

As a competitor for twenty plus years of your life, I have learned in this journey back…it is about a fresh start. I do not compare what I once was able to do in the pool to where I am now. Instead, it’s a strategy on how I train (recall my blog “the balancing act“).

And those that swim the 1500 free know it’s like no other race. You can’t say, well my 400 is strong and my 800 good, so therefore my 1500 should be, X-Y-Z…. it just doensn’t work that way. The 1500 is a bear of a race.

Don’t  fear the beast but rather step up to the challenge-

Just a 500 at a time and when it hurts, it’s a head game to finish strong.

As I touched the wall and turned around and glanced up at the HUGE jumbo-tron, I saw 17:54.28.

My initial reaction- ok, I was under 18:00.00. Nice! And because it was my first one back it’s a PB (personal best).

But my excitement came later as I  realized not only did I have a PB in the 1500, but also scored one in my 800 split by four seconds (9:23.06)

And as I ran around the deck to quickly say my good-bye to my fellow USMS members/teammates to catch my flight home, I realized in a brief moment what an honor it was to be in my current position…

I just raced in the Olympic Trials….pool!


Workout Wednesday:Red, White & Blue

Happy Birthday America-Red, White and Blue

Let’s celebrate as America turns 236 years old with a fun, but challenging workout.


Warm-up: 200 free, 300 kick, 600 IM (200 drill, 200 swim, 200 drill)


13 (stripes)x100 :15 seconds rest

Odd- 50 catch cup two second count between each pull (steady kick), 50 kick- 25 right side, 25 left side

Even- build trough the 100, finish last 15 years should be near race speed


Main Set:


Red Pace (face should turn from a shade of pink to RED)-

12×50 :20 seconds rest, descend 1-3 ( on 400 pace)


White Pace (recover)

400 easy swim, mix it up strokes/swim/drill


Blue Pace (push to failure)

6×50 ALL OUT!!! on 2:00minutes, your choice of strokes (dive or push your choice)


50 (stars)x25 :10-15 seconds rest

5-kick, 5-swim free, 5-kick, 5-swim choice, anything put free


Cool Down: 200

TOTAL= 5,100