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Workout Wednesday: Workin’ on Walls

The focus to this weeks’ workout is to perfect every push off and every turn.

No breathing into the wall from the flags in and two dolphin kicks off each wall and two stroke before your first breath.


200 free

100 kick (25 on your side, 25 on you backx2)

100 back swim

200 kick (board is optional)



4×100 catch-up, Distance Per Stroke (DPS) by 50  :15 seconds rest

8×50 catch-up, DPS by 25 :10 seconds rest


Main Set:

2×200 :25 second rest, steady

2×100 :20 second rest, strong

2×50 :15 second rest, fast

2×50 :25 second rest, all out sprint

2×100 :20 second rest, steady

2×200 :15 second rest, negative split

Kick Set: 2 rounds

4×150 :20 seconds rest, middle 50 and stroke other than free

4×25 :15 seconds rest, first 12 ½ underwater kick

Warm-down: 200 choice

Total= 4,200 yards

Have fun and let me know how you liked this weeks set!

-Brooke Bennett


Workout Wednesday: Best of the Worst…

Best of the worst…stroke

On this weeks workout there is a great combination of working on your good stroke AS WELL AS your worst stroke. Moan and groan all you want…your sure to still get a great workout!


600 (75 free, 25 best stroke, 25 worst stroke)

6×50 kick, :15 second rest

4×75 IM no free,  :20 second rest

(2 minutes rest)

12×150 odd-best stroke/free/best stroke by 50

even- free/worst stroke/free by 50

:20 second rest

(2 minutes rest)


4-worst stroke descend 1-4, :20 second rest

4-best stroke descend 1-4, :20 second rest

4-easy free swim,  :10 second rest

(2 minutes rest)

4×200 kick/swim 50 with fins, :15 second rest

*use last on as warm down

Total=5,000 yards



Let me know how you do, leave a comment below

-Brooke Bennett


Workout Wednesday – Trip Back in Time

A trip back in time…one of my best sets ever completed- Summer of 1994 (LCM), 20×400 on 4:40, last 5 descending On the last one- touched the wall at 4:19

So in this Wednesday’s workout, let’s take a stroke from there:


1×400 free/choice 50’s

8×50 :10 sec; rest kick/drill 25’s

2×200 :15 sec rest; 1-steady, 1-build

Main Set

10×400 :20 sec rest; 1-5 steady, 6-10 descend down to race pace

Warm down

4×25 alternate kick/drill-touch and go

4×25 alternate free/back-touch and go

Total= 5,200 SCY


Journey Back to the Pool

When I first dipped my toe in the pool, I wasn’t sure where I was headed but something about that uncertainty was thrilling to me. From the time I can remember, swimming always had a definite direction: to get better; however, this time around swimming has had a totally different feel.

What I knew

I didn’t want to look silly out in the Boston Harbor for the 2011 Swim Across America charity swim. When I retired from swimming, I knew I was always going to remain active and healthy. It’s all I’ve ever known. I mean I’ve done a good job in my years of staying in shape – working as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant for years played a huge role – but we all know being in swimming shape is a bit different.

Once a swimmer always a swimmer

The days of training became better and those days turned into weeks. I began to actually f

eel the water more with each stroke. But then the time came to dive back in with the swim team.


I just prayed I wouldn’t hear the laughs amongst the swimmers on how bad I was. I mean really, my fellow lane mates were less than half my age. But it didn’t stop me back then and it wasn’t going to stop me now even though the roles have flipped.  I was once the brash and spunky young one training with the old kids. Now I am the “old one” in with the age groupers.  Isn’t it funny how things change?

It just keeps getting better

Swimming now comes second in my life. First is my career as a sports reporter with BrightHouse Sports Network followed by the organization my training week. Some weeks are easier than others to get everything in but others are a struggle. I just have to remind myself to stay the course and make sure I find balance in my life.

Doing new things with my swimming

I swim for charity and a cause. After the Boston Swim Across America, it was brought to my attention that Tampa Bay (my home town) would join the team with their own open water swim. I quickly jumped on board to be a part of it. The SAA Tampa Bay Inaugural Swim is being held at Clearwater Beach on May 5th with a ½ mile or mile swim…and I am pumped!

Time to make it official

I did it! On March 1st I submitted my letter to come out of retirement and enter the USADA drug testing pool. After a little more than a year of doing open water swims and masters swimming, I felt the need to decide if that was all I wanted to do or if I wanted more.

The Challenge

So now a new challenge presents itself: to push the level of training up another notch. I will officially be able to compete in a USS sanctioned meet on September 1st, 2012.

I am excited and ready to get things going again.  I guess I should have known that I would end up swimming again. After all, once a swimmer, always a swimmer.

Make sure to follow Brooke and her swimming endeavors on the FINIS Blog and watch for short updates on Twitter and Facebook.


Workout Wednesday: The Distance Challenge

This week’s workout focuses on pacing and swimming at different speeds. It is a little longer workout then last week but put your mind to it and you will get it done in a breeze.



600- kick, drill, swim by 50’s

4×100- IM/drill  :15 sec rest


Main Set:

1×100 smooth- :10 sec rest

1×200 build- :15 sec rest

1×300 negative split- :15 sec rest

1×400 dec by 100’s- :25 sec rest

1×500 steady/strong


 (2min break)


1×500 smooth- :10 sec rest

1×400 build- :15 sec rest

1×300 neg split- :15 sec rest

1×200 dec by 50’s- :25 sec rest

1×100 FAST

8×50 fingertip drag/swim easy by 25’s- touch and go use as warm down


Total Yardage: 4,400


Good luck & have a great workout!



Workout Wednesday w/ Brooke Bennett

This is the first of many for the FINIS workout Wednesday brought to you by world-class swimmer and Olympian, Brooke Bennett.  This is a workout which goal is to accumulate strength with some laps and dry land exercises.  Mixing up your workout routine is important and helps you stay motivated.  Take a stab at it and let FINIS know what you think.

Warm-up: 100 free, 100 IM/drill x 2


10×50 free: 15 second rest, at turn do 12 dips on the wall

*put your back to the wall, feet to the bottom. Push up to a near full extension in elbow (do keep a slight bend) and down to your comfort level. But can you dip to where your armpits touch your hands?



Grab a kick board, time to work the legs

6×100 with 10 step-ups each leg on the blocks: 30 second rest

*stand with right leg on the step, left leg on ground, press up and slow and controlled come down. Try to softly tap the left foot. Repeat 10times then change legs.


6×75 choice stroke, with 15 burpies: 20 seconds rest


Cool down easy 200

Total = 2,150 yards

Make sure to check every Wednesday for a new workout, have a GREAT workout!

-Brooke Bennett