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DC Rainmaker: The Great Swimming MP3 Player Shootout

This past summer I started a swimming MP3 player test, one that I feel I can finally conclude.  I ended up buying just about every popular swimming MP3 player on the market, and then started testing them – one after another.  But it wasn’t just me, my wife got into the action too and also put them to the test, and interestingly, our favorite units ended up being the same.


Internal Mono(b)log: Finis Swimp3

As my swimming training sessions started getting longer and longer, I started to find the silence and wooshing of water, while generally calming, to be somewhat monotonous and, on a bad day, boring or tedious.

Knowing that some smart person out there had likely solved this problem, I started looking for waterproof mp3 players or waterproof headphones and cases for existing players I may have.

My research led me to the Finis Swimp3.1


MSN TECH & Gadgets: SwimP3 2G Review

What is it?
A waterproof MP3 player for swimmers, which uses bone-conduction technology.

What’s great
Delivers clear sound underwater; reasonably comfortable to wear; simple file transfer and organisation.

The bottom line
Worth considering if you can’t bear the thought of another series of long, monotonous lengths of your local swimming pool without some kind of audio distraction.


Internal monoblog: The Best Gets better, SwiMP3 2G

I’ve been a long-time fan of the Finis Swimp3.  I’ve evaluated many of the swimming music solutions out there, and found that I come back, without fail, to the Swimp3.

Earlier this year Finis released the Swimp3.2.  I thought: cool 2x the storage = more music (hurray)! But really didn’t give it a lot more thought than that.  I had my Swimp3 and couldn’t see buying v2 just for more storage.  Well after several hundred (maybe thousand) hours my v1 gave it up and I needed to upgrade.  Time do go for the Swimp3.2.


Bizmode Magazine: Hydro Tracker GPS

The Hydro Tracker GPS tracker is the most suitable to dare to challenge
the public Waters of the swimming enthusiasts. Accurate GPS tracking can
record travel by road Line, and for post-analysis; without any calibration
 before use. It can also be used for other outdoor sports.

The Gangloff Review: FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins

FINIS has been making Zoomers for a long time and there is a good reason for that. You know what you are going to get out of these fins: it is a very high performing, comfortable fin. The first question almost everyone asks when trying on a fin is, “Will this fin fit correctly?” My answer is “Yes.” The fit of the fin is snug, but not too tight. FINIS has done a great job at making the “rubber” firm enough to kick fast with, but not too hard as to hurt your feet. As you will see in other reviews, this is not an easy task.


Water Torture: Extreme Swimmer Jamie Patrick

Endurance athletes usually make light of the pain involved in long distance running, cycling, and swimming events. In fact, many competitors engage in a friendly competition to see who can be more gross and outrageous about it: “Both feet were bleeding during my last marathon. My socks looked like wound dressings!”


ASCA Magazine – Fin Tip

Even though there are a variety of fins out there, they can be classified into two general categories: short and long blade. The type of fin you use is all about preference, and there are evident advantages for each blade.