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Tech Goes Strong: Swimming with Music using FINIS’ Waterproof SwiMP3 Player

Swimming with music has improved my swim workouts. We listen to music while running, weight lifting, and biking to stave off boredom, inspire us, and improve our rhythm. With the Finis SwiMP3, you can get the same benefits of music while in the pool. Finis’ unique approach does not use earphones or ear buds, so it is comfortable to wear and the music quality is terrific when your head is in the water.


FINIS’ Luane Rowe: Open Water Champ

Industrial Designer Luane Rowe wins the Alcatraz & Lake Barryessa Swims & Heads to the Cayman Islands

Many people who work all week know that the weekends are a time for rest and relaxation, but not FINIS’ Industrial Designer Luane Rowe.  This is Luane’s busy season – competing just about every weekend in some open water event. Recently, Luane competed in the 2012 Alcatraz Race held in the San Francisco Bay. It was a sight to see, not only because Luane was one of the only racers not wearing a wet suit (water temps a brisk 54 degrees) but also because she was the first swimmer out of the water! Luane finished an impressive 1st place overall beating both female and male competitors. Take a look at the route she took while wearing the Hydro Tracker GPS via the Streamline Training Log.

With a win at the Alcatraz Challenge Swim,  under her belt, Luane competed in the Lake Barryessa race last weekend with the same results. It feels like déjà vu with another 1st place finish in both the 1 and 2  miles races. What’s next for Luane? She is traveling to the beautiful Cayman Islands to compete in the 2012 Flower Swim this Saturday,  June 9th.

Stay tuned for the route that Luane took for the Flower Swim along with some pictures of the cool prizes she wins!

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Laptop: FINIS Hydro Tracker GPS Review

Trying to improve your swimming technique? Finis’s Hydro Tracker GPS records your course in open water and provides online mapping and performance reporting. You can strap it onto your goggle straps or armband, and the Hydro Tracker features time-lapse animation for watching your workout through CSV, Facebook, Google Earth and Twitter.

COMMENTS SwiMP3 X18 Review

I’m a big fan of cross training. Yes, you have to get your legs and upper body muscles in shape, but it’s good to occasionally trade off with biking or swimming, for example. I’m not a big swimmer, although I scuba dive. Most of the “swimming” when on tanks is aided by fins. I can do the breast stroke but stink at the freestyle, thus I’ve not even attempted a triathlon.


Sound to the Ear- SwiMP3 2G

 Do you know the number of tiles of your pool? Now boredom when swim training to an end. 


Triathlon Training-Germany

FINIS Surge Goggles featured in German Triathlon magazine.


2012 Bridge to Bridge: Winner’s Route

Congrats to Rick Pierce who was the winner of yesterday’s Bridge to Bridge swim in the San Francisco Bay. Rick finished before the other 21 swimmer’s with a time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Rick comments on how he was a little nervous about the swim, wondering if he had trained enough. Yet, the training he did, he was able to get through it by combining both the SwiMP3 and the Swimsense.

Check out Rick’s Bridge to Bridge winning route here:

Find out more about the Hydro Tracker and other FINIS products at


3/GO Triathlon: Hydro Tracker GPS

Essentials for Everyday Life “…fun tool that will help you take your swimming to the next level”



The Ideal App for Swimmers of All Types


The Swimulator+ app, created by Cassonz, is a FREE application that was created with swimmers in mind. This useful app provides swimmers the exact time to set a “bleeper” or Tempo Trainer Pro to control your pace during threshold sets.  You are able to set your specific pace time for either your 200 or 400 pace, calculated with the Critical Swim Calculator.

This is yet another tool that can be utilized to help improve your endurance and swimming all around. Coaches and swimmers can now just pull out their iPhone, plug in the ideal pace time into the app and presto…you are given the exact time to set your Tempo Trainer Pro. Whether you swim coach or a swimmer who coaches yourself, this app may be just what you need to increase swimming endurance.

Don’t know what the Tempo Trainer is?  The Tempo Trainer Pro is the premier waterproof metronome that is perfect for giving auditory feedback to help with pacing. Product page for detailed description of this amazing little device can be found at .

Check out the app for yourself today!

*Currently available for iPhone & iPad only


Lara Jackson Boxing Her Way Towards Trials

Running, lifting, yoga, pilates, and…boxing? Cross training is a part of almost every Olympic hopefuls training regimen and FINIS’ Lara Jackson chooses boxing as her cross training activity. Lara is a firm believer that boxing is a great cross fit activity that will help her along her journey to the 2012 London Olympics. Here is what she has to say about this high-intensity activity.

What type of boxing do you do?

I mainly do regular boxing but have been experimenting with Muay Thai


How often do you box and where?

I box twice a week now at Boxing Inc. in Tucson Arizona


What boxing equipment do you use?

I personally own my own hand wraps and boxing gloves, mostly because sharing would be disgusting :)  But at the gym we hit the heavy bags.  We use shields and mitts to practice boxing technique.  Boxing does include a lot of dry land type training, so we use med balls, ladders and boxes for some of our circuits.


What do you like most about boxing?

I love boxing because it is very physical and aggressive.  The main thing it helps me with is my mind.  When you’ve been swimming this long, it’s good to find new and interesting ways to be fit.  I have never really done anything like it before so it’s fresh for me.  Also, I have been a fight fan for a long time, and it’s interesting to me to take something I love to watch and try to do it myself.  Makes you realize how hard these fighters work and you respect the sport more.


How does it help your swimming?

Boxing is a great way to be physically fit.  My cardio has never been better than it is right now due to boxing.  But mostly how boxing benefits me is that it allows me to work out in an atmosphere where swimming does not exist.  I like to get away from it sometimes.  I think that it helps me to be excited about swimming when I am at the pool instead of getting burned out on it.


Boxing is an activity that, much like swimming, works almost every muscle in your body and even incorporates both anaerobic and aerobic training. So if you are in the mood to change up your training routine, boxing could be just the break from a swim workout that you need.


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