AquaPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor Now Available!

We have alluded to the importance of heart rate monitoring in past posts (here, here and here), and now we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the AquaPulse™! The AquaPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor is built specifically for swimmers to capture and communicate their heart rate. It doesn’t use cumbersome chest-straps or watches, and lets swimmers understand their heart rate while they swim.

What’s so great about knowing my heart rate?

For the past decade heart rate training has been utilized by top athletes in all sports to improve their training levels. As an accurate measurement of your intensity or exertion level a heart rate monitor is the easiest and most precise way to continuously measure your heart rate. By understanding and monitoring your ideal heart rate zone while training, you are able to consistently train your body at the optimum fitness levels.  Knowing the work zone for your heart prevents over-training, under-training, and encourages correct pacing. As a result heart rate monitors (HRM’s) can show you when you’re dehydrated, running out of nutrition, or not recovered from a previous day’s workout.

What’s so special about the AquaPulse™?

Current heart rate monitors are meant for running and dryland training, but are awkward in the water as athletes are hindered by slipping straps and delayed information on watches. The AquaPulse™ features a design that provides an audible heart rate announcement while you swim, eliminating the need to stop and calculate your heart rate or look at your watch. Because you don’t have to stop you will have a more accurate heart rate calculation and no down time, thus maximizing your workout.

How does it work?

Simply slip the AquaPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor inside your goggle strap, attach the soft rubber clip to your earlobe, and start swimming. Using an infrared sensor, your heart beat is detected through your earlobe by capillary activity. The heart rate is then audibly communicated to you in real time, where the information is transmitted directly to your inner ear via Bone Conduction Technology. No ear buds, no cumbersome chest straps and no watch device is needed. You will never have to stop to check your heart rate again.