FINIS Products at Best Buy®

SwiMP3, XtreaMP3, Lap Track, Tempo Trainer, Energy Goggles and Circuit Trainer are at a Best Buy® store near you

Today I am proud to announce the immediate availability of select FINIS technical products at Best Buy stores nationwide. The products to be carried by Best Buy include our popular SwiMP3, a waterproof MP3 player that attaches to your swim goggles and uses bone conduction technology to provide clear music. Best Buy will also sell the XtreaMP3, a waterproof MP3 player for water sport enthusiasts, the Lap Track, a swimmers own personal pace clock, the Circuit Trainer, an audible workout timer that provides motivation and direction for circuit interval training, and the Tempo Trainer, a personal pace coach that attaches to your goggles and transmits an audible tempo beep while you swim, bike, or run. These select products are available now at and at Best Buy retail locations (click here to find a store near you).

I am proud to have Best Buy choose our technical swimming products for their store shelves. Now any fitness enthusiasts or serious athletes who partake in swimming as part of their exercise routine can easily access the quality technical equipment they need to maximize their workout. I applaud Best Buy for promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle, and I am honored to have our swim products as part of that assortment.

- John Mix
CEO and Co-Founder