My Z2′s are Coming Without Any Holes?!

For those customers that have been using the Z2 Gold Zoomers, you may have noticed that some of the fins are coming with 2 holes on the front of the fin while others don’t have any holes at all. What’s up with that?!

From an engineering perspective, the holes in the Z2 were used to help prevent the fins from shifting in the molds during production. The holes had no physical effect on the performance of the fin when in use. Recently, with better technology on hand, we were able to modify the way we produce our Z2′s and we no longer need to stabilize the fin while molding. As a result, there are no holes in the front of the fin.

We ran some tests to compare the Z2′s from the previous molds versus fins from the new molds. We found no differences between the Z2′s as the holes did not significantly change the water flow or performance of the fin.


So there is no need to fret Z2 users. The holes, or lack there of, will not impact the amazing performance that the Z2 fin delivers.