NEW Update! Customize Your Swimsense® Watch Display

You told us and we listened! The latest firmware update for the Swimsense performance monitor is now released and is available for all Swimsense® users. This update lets you customize your Swim Mode screen. While swimming, you can now view the stats you want to see, and the numbers are BIGGER! At a glance, you can easily view your workout distance, interval times, or whatever metric you desire.

Using the Swimsense Bridge software, you can configure the display settings of your current watch. Choose to display 1, 2 or 3 different metrics on one screen, and also have the option to create alternate screens with other metrics. Simply drag-and-drop to create your own screens.

Downloading the firmware update is quick and easy. Users will be automatically notified to update the new firmware when connecting to the Bridge software.  Take advantage of this great new feature and stay motivated to reach your goals!


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