The Ideal App for Swimmers of All Types


The Swimulator+ app, created by Cassonz, is a FREE application that was created with swimmers in mind. This useful app provides swimmers the exact time to set a “bleeper” or Tempo Trainer Pro to control your pace during threshold sets.  You are able to set your specific pace time for either your 200 or 400 pace, calculated with the Critical Swim Calculator.

This is yet another tool that can be utilized to help improve your endurance and swimming all around. Coaches and swimmers can now just pull out their iPhone, plug in the ideal pace time into the app and presto…you are given the exact time to set your Tempo Trainer Pro. Whether you swim coach or a swimmer who coaches yourself, this app may be just what you need to increase swimming endurance.

Don’t know what the Tempo Trainer is?  The Tempo Trainer Pro is the premier waterproof metronome that is perfect for giving auditory feedback to help with pacing. Product page for detailed description of this amazing little device can be found at www.FINISinc.com/tempotrainerpro .

Check out the app for yourself today!

*Currently available for iPhone & iPad only