Open Water Comparison: FINIS Surge vs. Zoggs

The folks at FINIS have been fortunate enough to find themselves at the center of an open water explosion. This subcategory of the sport we all love has evolved into one of the most rapidly growing activities in the country. With FINIS super-swimmer Trent Grimsey setting a World Record in the English Channel last week, we thought it was appropriate to talk a little more about a product we make specifically for open water swimmers and to present some reasons why we think our product comes out on top. The product under the spotlight today is a pair of goggles – you heard me, goggles. Yes, these goggles are so innovative and so helpful that they warrant a full comparison to the product’s top competitor.

The FINIS Surge Polarized Goggles were designed with open water swimmers in mind, although they are so comfortable you may find they have also made their way into your pool in the near future. The large polyurethane frame acts almost as an exoskeleton for the goggle. It provides solid support across the face, although it is held away from the eyes by two extremely comfortable eye pockets.

The shape of the frame was also extremely well thought-out. The wide curved lenses allow for excellent peripheral vision, essential to open water racing. The lens itself is also extremely special. The Surge boasts completely polarized lenses, which eliminate 99% of vertical glare off the surface of the water and offers excellent UVA/UVB protection for your eyes. With only a split second to spot your next buoy, the Surge gives you the ability to find the best line in the shortest amount of time.

There are also a few other choices on the market today for polarized goggles. One such competitor is the Zoggs Predator Flex goggle, which was the first polarized goggle made for open water. The Zoggs goggles hail from the UK, where they retail for £24.99 ($40.16 USD) and unfortunately only make it to the United States through Amazon. The major difference between the Zoggs and the FINIS Surge is the way the goggle straps are tightened down once on your head. The secondary clip on the side of the Zoggs makes it necessary to spend more time adjusting the fit of the goggle. The FINIS Surge’s patented side-button clips make adjustments extremely easy. Simply pulling on the excess strap tightens and locks the band down in place. Not only are they slightly easier to use, but they are available for $39.99 on the FINIS website and are accessible in both the USA and Europe.

You always have a choice when attempting to fill your swim bag. We believe that FINIS products are of superior quality, designed by competitive swimmers for people who love the sport. It is our great pleasure to serve the swimming community at large in all of their training needs. Swim better. Swim often. Train smarter. FINIS.