As Championship Season Dawns, Don’t Lose Focus

As we enter February, many college and club teams around the United States will be starting to get ready for their championship meet season. Goals have been set, the meet schedule is planned, the start of taper is only a week or two away (if it hasn’t started already), and the tech suits have been ordered. Everything seems to be in place to end the season with success, so the most important thing now is to NOT LOSE FOCUS. Coaches and swimmers have trained hard all season long. They made it through the “out-of-shape” fall practices, and the grueling holiday training. So now, more than ever, coaches and swimmers should continue to train at a high level.

If you are still training hard, be sure to bring the same high intensity levels to practice every day. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to where you want to go. You will not magically be a better swimmer if you continue to train at the same level every day.

Or if you have started to taper, it is even more important for you to concentrate on the “small stuff” such as a holding a tight streamline. The stroke details get a bit more magnified, and the swimming gets faster. If you have a set during taper where the coach wants you to “go all out”, then really go for it! Try and see if you can go a best time. I’m certain the whole practice won’t be fast.

You may have put in the work, but the season isn’t quite over yet. There still is a bit more work yet to be done. Recognize this fact and don’t lose your focus. Good luck!

- Mark