Robot Freestyle Drill

The “Robot Freestyle” is a drill that is designed to help you focus on swimming with a high elbow. It is essentially swimming normal freestyle but with several pauses during the stroke (as a robot would move).

Start this new drill in the same position that you used during the “Side-Kicking Drill with a Twist”. In that drill your arm is extended straight into the air as you kick down the pool on your side. By starting in this position, you are putting your elbow at the highest possible point. Now with the extended arm, keep your elbow in place and slowly bring your hand towards your head. Then slowly enter the water with your hand as you rotate to your other side. Be sure to create pauses while performing this drill: 1) when your hand is fully extended out of the water, 2) just before your hand enters the water, and 3) before you lift your arm out of the water on the other side.

By performing this drill you are forcing your hand to enter when your elbow is in its highest position. This drill should be performed continuously from side to side throughout the length of the pool. After several laps, the drill should be followed by swimming normal freestyle with an emphasis on having a high elbow.

Executing this drill with a swimmer’s snorkel can add an even greater benefit. The drill is fairly complicated and the snorkel will remove the breathing aspect as you swim. Therefore you will be able to focus on what the drill is designed to help with: swimming with a high elbow.

- Kyle