Sculling Drills help improve your technique and feel in the water

Mark and I often cite improving stroke technique in swimming as being the single easiest and quickest way to see improvement. One of the best ways to begin improving your stroke technique is to improve your body awareness and especially your awareness of your hands. Sculling is a type of drill in which the arms and hands engage in a sweeping motion, applying pressure to the water. There are many types of sculling and each type replicates a sweeping motion of one of the four stroke types. In the next few weeks, I will be discussing some of the different types of sculling and how they can be used to improve your stroke technique. Let’s get started!

This week features the Middle Sculling Drill. As you can see from the video, to perform this drill correctly, you should keep your elbows high and sweep your arms in a lateral motion not unlike a “wind-shield wiper” sweep. You should feel your forearms and hand applying a slight pressure behind you on the water. Use this sculling drill to work on the in sweep of butterfly and breaststroke. The drill also can help you establish better “feel” in freestyle. Note that we used FINIS finger sculling paddles so that we would be able to have an additional “feel” during the drill.