Thanksgiving For The Pool

Whether you’re looking for a Thanksgiving morning workout to “earn” that second slice of pumpkin pie or for a day-after workout that will burn off all those extra calories we indulge in on our day of thanks, this workout is for you. Please modify the intervals and distances as needed, keeping in mind that this workout should be challenging, attainable, and most of all a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving!


This workout (as all other workouts likely do) starts before you get to the pool. As you pack your bag and begin to make your way to the water, make a conscious effort to mentally prepare. What am I doing today? What will I be working on? Perhaps set an intention for your workout: today I will be working on ___________ and I hope to achieve ____________. Those are imperative questions that should precede any workout, pool or otherwise. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, additionally ask yourself what you are thankful for. On some difficult days, perhaps the most you can be thankful for is getting to the pool and that’s okay. But hopefully more days than not, you’ll find there are many things that come to mind when you give thanks.

Appetizer: Warm pumpkin soup (1000 yds.)

400 + 4x100s + 4x50s on 1:30 base

400 with Swimmer’s Snorkel so you can watch your form

100s with snorkel and Forearm Fulcrum


Side dishes: Yams and green beans (1000 yds.)

4x [2x50s free with PT Paddles + 150 build swim]

50s on 1:00, 150s on 2:15/2:10/2:05/2:00 by round


Main meal: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy (1600 yds.)

4x [3x50s + 50 + 200]

3x50s on: 50 holding goal 200 pace

50 easy on 1:00

200s 90-95%, hit target pace (pace you held on 50s)


On the side (or on top!): Cranberry sauce (400 yds.)

8x50s with Z2 Zoomers on 1:30

First 25 underwater dolphin kick, 1 breath max

Rest on wall for 5 breaths

Second 25 FAST free or fly, 1 breath max


Dessert: Pumpkin pie…and a bit of pecan pie too! (700 yds.)

4x175s with Fulcrum Paddles on 2:40

Goal time is best 200 yd. time


Warm down: easy 300


Total:  5,000 yds. & one great Thanksgiving!


Jen Schumacher

Marathon Swimmer,

Sport Psychology Consultant,