Workout Wednesday w/ Brooke Bennett

This is the first of many for the FINIS workout Wednesday brought to you by world-class swimmer and Olympian, Brooke Bennett.  This is a workout which goal is to accumulate strength with some laps and dry land exercises.  Mixing up your workout routine is important and helps you stay motivated.  Take a stab at it and let FINIS know what you think.

Warm-up: 100 free, 100 IM/drill x 2


10×50 free: 15 second rest, at turn do 12 dips on the wall

*put your back to the wall, feet to the bottom. Push up to a near full extension in elbow (do keep a slight bend) and down to your comfort level. But can you dip to where your armpits touch your hands?



Grab a kick board, time to work the legs

6×100 with 10 step-ups each leg on the blocks: 30 second rest

*stand with right leg on the step, left leg on ground, press up and slow and controlled come down. Try to softly tap the left foot. Repeat 10times then change legs.


6×75 choice stroke, with 15 burpies: 20 seconds rest


Cool down easy 200

Total = 2,150 yards

Make sure to check every Wednesday for a new workout, have a GREAT workout!

-Brooke Bennett