FINIS Announces Stroke Lab®, An Online Swimming Analysis Tool


Livermore, CA – (October 27, 2011) – FINIS®, announces the availability of Stroke Lab, a customized web-based video analysis tool that aids in improving your stroke technique through video analysis by viewing and correcting stroke inefficiencies. This web application allows you to upload and distribute your videos online with instant access 24 hours a day.







The Stroke Lab video editor allows coaches to make audio or text comments to give specific feedback to their swimmers’ videos. Coaches are also able to make comments using various drawing tools to illustrate stroke flaws in the video.  Coaches can toggle frame-by-frame through videos to easily view their swimmers’ technique in slow motion. Some of these tools include measuring a swimmer’s body angle, drawing a rectangle to focus on a specific area, and creating curved lines with the spline tool.


The FINIS Stroke Lab comes as a Team Platform where coaches have the ability to add and manage athletes for easy communication and sharing in one place. Coaches now have an online teaching tool that allows for any swimmer on their team to review, edit, and share videos.  The software allows for the ease of public or private videos sharing and is compatible with most all computer video files including: MP4, AVI, and WMV.

To learn more about FINIS Stroke Lab, click here.