FINIS’ Luane Rowe: Open Water Champ

Industrial Designer Luane Rowe wins the Alcatraz & Lake Barryessa Swims & Heads to the Cayman Islands

Many people who work all week know that the weekends are a time for rest and relaxation, but not FINIS’ Industrial Designer Luane Rowe.  This is Luane’s busy season – competing just about every weekend in some open water event. Recently, Luane competed in the 2012 Alcatraz Race held in the San Francisco Bay. It was a sight to see, not only because Luane was one of the only racers not wearing a wet suit (water temps a brisk 54 degrees) but also because she was the first swimmer out of the water! Luane finished an impressive 1st place overall beating both female and male competitors. Take a look at the route she took while wearing the Hydro Tracker GPS via the Streamline Training Log.

With a win at the Alcatraz Challenge Swim,  under her belt, Luane competed in the Lake Barryessa race last weekend with the same results. It feels like déjà vu with another 1st place finish in both the 1 and 2  miles races. What’s next for Luane? She is traveling to the beautiful Cayman Islands to compete in the 2012 Flower Swim this Saturday,  June 9th.

Stay tuned for the route that Luane took for the Flower Swim along with some pictures of the cool prizes she wins!

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