Jason Dunford: Training in Europe

May 13th 2012. I write this post from Europe to where I have moved my training base from Stanford to join the ADN Swim Project. My first meet after my arrival was at the Orca Cup in Bratislava, Slovakia and I posted a winning time of 52.86 in the 100m butterfly. The photo to the right is of me was taken just prior to the race. I was especially happy with my performance considering it was but three days after my arrival from the US. I find myself needing one day for every hour of time change to get over jet-lag, therefore it was encouraging to swim this time so soon after my trans-Atlantic travel.

I am now in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in southern Spain at the Centro de Alto Rendiemento de Sierra Nevada for a three-week high altitude training camp. The first few days have been tough as my body adjusts to the low oxygen environment, and I hold back to avoid overtraining. However, as my acclimatization continues, I look forward to cranking up the intensity over the next week. As part of the process to acclimatize, long walks have become part of my daily routine. Today involved a stunning three-hour hike that started on the athletic track but ended up at the snow line!