Positive Drive Fins (PDFs) Released Today

FINIS® announces the immediate availability of the Positive Drive Fins (PDFs). With an ellipsoidal blade, these unique fins allow swimmers to kick all four strokes, including breaststroke.

The closed-toe construction enables superior energy transfer from the leg to the foot, increasing leg strength, foot speed, and ankle flexibility. Great for training in all four strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle), PDFs are perfect for Individual Medley training.   

The versatility of the fins also benefits youth swimmers. With the PDFs, children move forward no matter what direction they move their feet, helping them keep their head above water. Once the children learn the best kicking motions, they can start to build a more efficient and stronger kick. 

Made with ergonomic foot pockets and an adjustable heel strap, these universal fins are comfortable on anyone. To learn more about PDFs, click here.