Swimsense New Firmware Released –

Since the release of Swimsense® in December 2010, we understood that a key development goal was to improve the time the Swimsense® would last on a single charge. For all of our techie Swimsense users, you probably understand how difficult it can be to optimize software to consume less resources while not degrading the functionality. It’s a tough problem but one that we’re happy to say we’ve made significant progress on.  As of today, we have released a new version of the Swimsense® firmware (v1.0.1.6) that improves the battery life as follows:

Previous Battery Life Times
Not in Swim Mode:  20 hours
In Swim mode:  8 hours

New Battery Life Times
Not in Swim Mode:  150+ hours (about 1 week)
In Swim mode:  12+ hours

Looking ahead, we are working on a number of new features for the Training Log.  These include:

  • ability to export workout information to Facebook and Twitter
  • ability to make workouts public/private allowing you to share your workout details page
  • integration with 2Peak and SportTracks
  • a new version of the Swimsense® Bridge that contains a number of minor enhancements

To keep up to date on new releases and what happening with Swimsense follow swimsense on Twitter.

- John Anthony
Co Founder of SportSense