The FINIS Fundamental Four

When I assess our most successful products, a few immediately spring to mind.  They are great quality, highly beneficial training products that can help any level swimmer improve their ability in the water.  I call them the FINIS Fundamental Four:  the Swimmer’s Snorkel, Foil Monofin, Tempo Trainer Pro, and Swimsense Performance Monitor.  These products have commonalities with one another, like ease-of-use, affordability and exclusivity, but each one deserves special mention as they have helped to shape the way we train in practices.

The first blockbuster product from FINIS is the Swimmer’s Snorkel. It is such a basic training tool, yet provides powerful benefits to improving swim technique.  Breathing trumps everything in the pool so using the Swimmer’s Snorkel allows for swimmers of all ability levels to relax in the water. There is nothing else like it.  In addition, the Snorkel is easy and convenient to use in daily practices.  Swim coaches like equipment that promotes these qualities because using them does not add wasted time to their practice.  If a coach decides to use the Snorkel, swimmers can easily grab their personal one from their equipment bag.  Lastly, the Snorkel is inexpensive as it retails for $39.99 in the US and is a great quality product that easily lasts five years or more.

After mastering the breath in swimming, conquering the underwater dolphin kick and streamlining is the next focus for successful swimmers.  The Foil Monofin is the best training tool from FINIS to improve this technique.  This unique fin creates a powerful undulating dolphin kick by teaching the swimmer to focus on the up and down portion of the kick.  Getting comfortable with the Foil Monofin can take a little time but the increase in core and leg strength is invaluable for improved speed under the water.  For a fin of this nature with so many benefits, it is very affordable at the $59.99 cost.

The Tempo Trainer Pro is the next item on the list.  It is almost as unique as the Snorkel because there is nothing else like it on the market.  It also portrays the same easy and convenience qualities as the other Fundamental products. The Tempo Trainer Pro’s compact size is similar to that of a fat silver dollar.  The device comes with a minimal learning curve for the coach but is simple to use once you play around with if a few times. The versatile use of the product is another bonus as it is a great product for sprinters, mid-distance and distance swimmers.  It can be used for a particular set or constant use.  Using the Tempo Trainer Pro does not have to stop in the water, though.  This metronome can be used for dryland exercises, running and cycling and is relatively inexpensive at $49.99.  Now the Tempo Trainer Pro can live on for years with the option to replace the battery.

The last and newest staple to round out the FINIS Fundamental Four is the Swimsense Performance Monitor.  This groundbreaking product captures critical swim data to maximize your workout awareness.  The Swimsense is a swim watch that effortlessly records and analyzes swim performance by tracking pace times, distance, stroke count, stroke rate, and distance-per-stroke for all four strokes.  This device is also one-of-a-kind because it is the only watch that requires one hit of a button at the beginning of your workout and one at the end – there is no starting and stopping the watch in between sets or intervals.  Once a workout has been completed, the data can be uploaded onto the free Swimsense Training log for additional analysis and historical review.  The Swimsense will take a little getting used to as it is a much more technical product than many of our other products but again, is simple to use once understood.  When considering the cost of the Swimsense at $169.99, it is much more affordable than having an assistant coach write down critical swim data.  In fact, it is just like having a personal coach on the pool deck for every swimmer.  The Swimsense acts as a journal since you can quickly and easily revisit every detail that you ever wanted to know.

In summary, the FINIS Fundamental Four are products that I always highly recommend and should be a staple in any swim bag.  All of these products can be easily used by swimmers of all ability levels to increase strength, improve technique and encourage swimming longer.  The Snorkel, Foil Monofin, Tempo Trainer Pro, and Swimsense are easy and convenient to use, and are revolutionizing the swimming world.  When anyone asks what product will help improve their swimming, I cannot give them just one – I give them the FINIS Fundamental Four.

- Tim Elson
Vice President