Training Schedule to Improve your Open Water Swim Times

With the summer weather now firmly entrenched into our daily lives, its time to start thinking about upping your triathlon training with specific emphasis on the swim discipline. The bigger events we have been targeting are looming not too far ahead.

Swim Training Cycle
We are going to divide the swim training up into 3 period cycles over the next few weeks. Period 1 will be dedicated to going really long (but slow), Period 2 will be short and sharp, and Period 3 will be a combination of both with some rest days thrown in between. We need to complete around four of these cycles to give ourselves a shot at completing a 1.5-2km open water race.

Strength Work
To get the best performance out of your swimming, we will also dedicate 3 x 30 minute gym sessions per week to be included in our build-up to peaking for the targeted event. A combo of some specific weight training and swimming during your peak training periods, will no doubt help you swim faster and better.

Adapting the Program
The programs outlined below are geared towards a more intermediate/strong age group type swimmer who has a suitable amount of training under the belt. The program can be easily adapted to both novice and the more elite swimmers by simply decreasing or increasing total distance from by 15-20%. You can also lower and increase recovery time between sets to make the program truly work for you.

Good Swim performances come from consistency. If you can consistently put together a string of 3 to 4 of these period cycles, you will definitely start to feel the benefits and ultimately, swim faster. Good Luck!

Glen Gore (guest blogger)