Trent Grimsey: Interview with the ‘King of the Sea’

After FINIS athlete Trent Grimsey’s impressive 1st place finish at the King of the Sea open water competition in Rio de Janerio, he was kind enough to answer a few questions about the race. Trent comments about the race and what he plans on doing next, after this coveted win.

First off, how does it feel regain your ‘King of the Sea’ title?

It feels great. I’m very glad I was able to finish the year off with a win in such a prestige event!

What was different this time around? Training? Strategy?

This time around I swam a very strategic race and backed myself in the sprint finish. In 2009 I was able to break away and I ended up winning my 30 seconds. This year I only won by 1 second but this year’s win meant a lot more to me!

How was it only competing with a select few, compared to some of the events when you compete with many more?

I really like competing in small fields as they are a lot less aggressive and there’s more room to move!

Why did you decided to surpass the feeding stations?

I only skipped the last feeding station as I wanted to make the rest of my competitors also miss it. It was only a 45 minute race however so I guess you didn’t really have to feed at all if you didn’t want to.

You were in last place after the first lap, what was going through your head?

Conserve, conserve, conserve!

This event was different then most open water races, with the running aspect. What did you do to prepare yourself for this unique race?

One month out my coach and I changed our recovery sessions around a little and added some running into them to get my body used to going from vertical to horizontal… I think it worked!

The water temperature was a bit frigid, how did it feel swimming in it?

Yes, the water was very cold for Brazil (18 degrees). While I don’t like swimming in cold water I think I can handle it better than most others. I’ve done quite a bit of racing this year in cold water and as I’m swimming the English Channel next year I need to try and get as much cold water swimming under my belt as I can before then!

How do races like this affect your skin? Is there a lot of post race skin maintenance you have to go though?

No, I don’t think it really affects my skin too much. I do always put on a lot of sunscreen before a race all my races but that’s about it!

After the win and the awards ceremony, did you go for a big filling meal, or did you go take a much deserved nap?

After the race I went to Macdonald’s and ate me self sick then had a nice nap and woke just in time to go out partying with all the other athletes!

Since the race was called King of the Sea, did you win a crown?

Haha no, no crown but I did win a very cool trophy!

What’s up next for you? What’s your next major competition?

The next few weeks will just be hard training for me now until the New Zealand Open Water nationals on the 14th of January 2012. After that I’ll go to Argentina to compete in the 57km Santa Fe-Coronda Grand Prix and the 88km Hernandarias-Parana Grand Prix. I’m going to try and win the overall point score next year for the Open Water Grand Prix series.


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