UPDATE: Olympic triathlete, Brendan Sexton

So 2013 has been in stark contrast to the past few years for me. My
recent manner of stepping into the year early at full pelt and knocking
out my season’s best results before the international scene has even
started warming up was an approach I wanted to avoid. One of many
changes I’ve implemented since ending a disappointing 2012, a later
season start with a constant build throughout the year was the course
of action myself and my coach Jamie Turner both believed in altering
my yearlong angle to strategically align major goals and training was
something required for me to step up to the next level. With the
comfort of time to make on a new program that specifically targets
lifting my weaknesses up to a world standard along with arming my
strengths to be consistently bulletproof.

Sexton placed 35th in London

Sexton placed 35th in London

“The ball got rolling earlier this year in Devonport where although the
overall result wasn’t stopping the presses I could feel some processes
that had been earlier implemented taking hold and gaining
It was a week on from the race that some of this momentum began to
shudder. After a long run with my group in Wollongong I felt a slight
pain in my foot. It was hardly noticeable really but it happened to be
an all too familiar sensation in the arch of my foot, an area I’ve had
great trouble with in the past resulting in surgery. After a week of rest
with no cessation of pain I was sent for an MRI with the result confirmed
my almost paranoid fears: a minor rupturing of the planter fascia distal
to the calcaneal insertion with insertional plantar fasciosis. To translate:
It took a little while but with the perspective of those I have around me
I saw the big picture: What is my weakness? The swim. What had I
spent the past 2.5 months almost solely prioritizing? The swim. What
does this injury have absolutely no effect on? The swim. Are you in a
desperate hurry to run faster than you ever have? No
It was simple really. With no pressure to perform early in 2013 the injury,
although not in complete conformity with my initial plans, did not
cause me to stray far from my focuses of lifting weaknesses and
building through the year.
I’m glad to say that I served my sentence in the boot and am back on
a recovery program that, following recent progress, will have me back
to a full training load and the race circuit very soon. Of course I
wouldn’t be either regaining my running ability nor confident in my
imminent return if it wasn’t for the hugely skilled team coordinated from
the AIS of doctors, physios and podiatrists who spared no time or effort getting me back running. No better support could be found outside a
system I am sure!
Of course my support team who have kept the ball rolling stretches
further than the medical staff. Whilst upping my swimming and cycling
program I was lucky enough to be newly associated with several well-respected organizations.
FINISI was excited to sign with FINIS Inc who design and produce the worlds
most innovative & high quality swim training tools. This is in coordination
with Aqua Shop, Australia’s swim product specialists.
I was also very happy to again become a member of the Giant Bikes
family with the help of Wollongong’s premier cycling hub, Spearman
Thanks too to Kask helmets for some stylish Italian head protection!
Due to my undulating start to the season I was forced out of several
earlier events. This will have little impact on my competition and travel
plans. I am aiming to pick my calendar back up once I am confident
my form is at world class standard and I am upon a linear to bigger

-Brendan Sexton, FINIS Athlete