President’s Welcome

Welcome to the FINIS Blog. A new location to share some of the interesting swimming information we discuss every day. If you are reading this post, you probably are involved with the sport of swimming at some level, and so the first thing I want to ask you is what causes that passion inside you to go to the pool and swim? I’d have to say the answer is simply our love for swimming.

For me, I enjoy the feeling of those first few quiet warm up laps; the feeling I get when I rotate and stretch out my hand-entry in order to be 6 inches taller in the water; the Zen sensation of relaxing and focusing on technique; grooving with my SwiMP3 and not thinking about anything at all; climbing out from a good workout; talking to people about swimming and offering insights I have learned from other swimmers and coaches.

Blog? Obvious, and about time. We intend to share insights, beliefs, stories, videos, suggestions, and any other information that we run across with anyone who wants to listen or participate. Many products at FINIS have been developed because we exchange information, leading to new and better ideas. For example, the Alignment Kickboard was developed over a conversation in my office with Tim Elson about using a kickboard to create proper body position. We realized that traditional kickboards have a stacked, “uphill,” spine position, so we started cutting up kickboards with Exacto knives looking for a new solution. After a few hours of ideas and laughs, we had created a crude final design of the board. Our prototyping session was a success as many people are using the Alignment Kickboard in the pool today and providing great feedback.

The mission at FINIS is to be the world leader in swimming innovation and to help the world swim better. I just want to thank everyone who has helped make FINIS cialis what we are today, and those who will continue to help shape our future. Let me encourage you to leave comments, ideas, or stories of your own, so that we can build our swimming community. Swim well and blog on.

- John Mix
CEO and Co-Founder