Workout Wednesday – Trip Back in Time

A trip back in time…one of my best sets ever completed- Summer of 1994 (LCM), 20×400 on 4:40, last 5 descending On the last one- touched the wall at 4:19

So in this Wednesday’s workout, let’s take a stroke from there:


1×400 free/choice 50’s

8×50 :10 sec; rest kick/drill 25’s

2×200 :15 sec rest; 1-steady, 1-build

Main Set

10×400 :20 sec rest; 1-5 steady, 6-10 descend down to race pace

Warm down

4×25 alternate kick/drill-touch and go

4×25 alternate free/back-touch and go

Total= 5,200 SCY