Friday Float: Recapping a Week in Swimming 8/27

Each week the FINIS Blog will share a few of the interesting finds we’ve found out on the web. Sit back, enjoy the sun and

  • And the debate about tech suits continues… The Washington Post released this interesting article after US Nationals about the affect that the suits had on the overall times. It seems that the elite athletes (top 3 in the country), benefit less from the suits than the rest of the field.

  • In the mind of an elite athlete: Runners have a similar mental edge to that of swimmers because their goal is essentially the same. The Daily Mail released an article detailing The secrets of my success: Usain Bolt. Like many great athletes he reveals that his biggest motivation behind training is not winning, but the fear of losing.

  • Why is Rebecca Soni So Fast? That is the question Athlete Village tries to answer in their post comparing Soni with other elite breaststrokers, Leisel Jones and Amanda Beard. The answer? Soni has eliminated all major stroke flaws from her breaststroke that causes additional resistance for both Jones and Beard, thereby increasing her efficiency in the water.