Hey I Just Swam a Mile!

As swimmers, we are always looking for that practice where you get out at the end exhausted yet overwhelming satisfied with the work you just did. Some of the best practices we have are usually the most grueling, but they are also the same practices that we are eager to brag about later. Even the most humble of swimmers can be heard boasting about a difficult set they completed. Why? Because we are proud of our efforts; we stretched the limits of our bodies and walked away from the pool a better swimmer.

The following is a great set for any swimmer to brag about later. It is a mile swim broken down in such a way where you can push yourself, not lose count, and not get bored. At the end, you will be able to say with 100% satisfaction “Hey I just swam a mile!”

1 Mile (short course yards) = 66 lengths of the pool

  • 275 yds (11 lengths)
  • 250 yds (10 lengths)
  • 225 yds (9 lengths)
  • 200 yds (8 lengths)
  • 175 yds (7 lengths)
  • 150 yds (6 lengths)
  • 125 yds (5 lengths)
  • 100 yds (4 lengths)
  • 75 yds (3 lengths)
  • 50 yds (2 lengths)
  • 25 yds (1 lengths)

More advanced swimmers can repeat the set for multiple miles, or you can even throw in different strokes or equipment to make the mile even more versatile. Perhaps you can even do one whole mile kicking? That would certainly be cool to Facebook your friends about.

Now head to the pool and create some bragging material!