Let the Voting Begin: Red vs. Blue Zoomers

As a tribute to voting day, I thought we could debate Red vs. Blue. Now I am not talking about political views, but rather which Zoomers fin color you prefer! You may not know it but the differences between these two fins go well beyond mere color. I will break down the key differences and attributes of each, and let you decide which one gets your vote:

  • Blue Zoomers – These fins are constructed with a softer footpocket and a slightly less rigid blade when compared to the Red. As a result, the Blue Zoomers offer a more comfortable fit against the foot while still allowing for strength-training during your workout. The Blue Zoomers are the choice of many fitness swimmers and those wearing fins for the first time. A great combination between comfort and function.
  • Red Zoomers – These fins radiate high-performance. With a stiffer blade and footpocket when compared to the Blue, the Red Zoomers provide the best swimming-specific propulsion of any other short-blade fin. These fins aren’t for everyone though, and they are typically the choice of competitive swimmers with stronger legs and more flexible ankles.

So what is my vote you may ask? I would have to say: GOLD! Okay, now you are probably saying to yourself: “What in the name of hanging chad are Gold Zoomers?! That wasn’t an option!!” Well I’m here to let you know that it will be soon.

A cross between Red and Blue, the Gold takes the best characteristics of both ‘old’ colors and adds a new twist. Stay tuned to this blog to learn more about the new Zoomers Gold and when they will be available.

Until then, don’t forget to exercise your right to vote!