Silent Swimming is Over! Using Music for Motivation

I had the opportunity to swim with the SwiMP3 for the first time last weekend.  I was doing my usual open water swim practice but there was one big difference…I had music!  While swimming endless laps in high school and college, my teammates and I talked about how nice it would be to have music to listen to while we were swimming (instead of humming the chorus of random songs that would get stuck in our heads). Now I will be swimming in silence no more!

If you frequently train with music while you bike, run, or hit the gym, then you will love swimming with music. Music can help you get in a rhythm during a workout, and the SwiMP3 certainly allows you to get into a groove in the water with whatever tunes you desire.

Because the SwiMP3 attaches to your goggles, an item that you train with anyway, you can comfortably use the waterproof MP3 player in all the different types of your workouts.  For example, my personal preference is to not listen to music while I am running hard intervals on the track; but that is mainly because I don’t like having to carry something while I am running hard. I now plan on listening to music for all of my open water training sessions and also for my drill/technique specific sessions in the pool.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I highly recommend training in open water.  Depending on the distance of the race that you are training for, those open water sessions can become fairly long in duration. Swimming for an hour straight with not much to look at can become fairly monotonous or downright boring! If you fall in this category, then music will definitely help you stay focused for a longer period of time, allowing you to maximize your open water training. The swimming silence has been broken!