Swimming in a Dream

We just had to share this excellent film documenting the North Bay Aquatics Masters team called “Swimming in a Dream” directed by Jim Sugar. It successfully attempts to get at the heart of why people decide to go to swim everyday¬†at 5:30 AM. If you already swim every morning, you probably won’t be surprised by the answer! The underwater shots are especially interesting. Here is Jim’s own description:

This film tells the story of how and why a group of otherwise perfectly normal people do a hard swim workout at 5:30AM five days a week. Members of the North Bay Aquatics Masters Swimmers in Corte Madera, California go through a profound physical and mental change while swimming more than 3000 yards for each workout. Swimmers explain how they are addicted to, and changed by, the swimmer’s high. This positive addiction to their health and fitness keeps them returning day after day. The filmmakers used a Nikon D3s camera both on land and underwater. Edited in Final Cut Pro on a 27″ iMac computer and Seagate storage devices. Jim Sugar-Director, Bill Holshevnikoff–DP, Mike Russell-Editor & Sound Design, Kim Komenich-Audio.

Swimming in a Dream from Jim Sugar on Vimeo.