Swimming Pool Etiquette – Do you Pee in the Pool?

Okay, so many of us have done it, but does that make it right? Peeing in the pool is seemingly disgusting yet overwhelmingly satisfying at the same time.


  • Feels good
  • If you are in the middle of a workout and you don’t have time to get out during the main set and use the restroom
  • There is chlorine in the water and urine is¬†sterile¬†anyway
  • Helps heat up the pool on a cold day


  • You were always told to urinate into a toilet
  • Your fellow lane mates might find it a bit disturbing
  • Unless you are really skilled, you usually have to stop swimming in order to “go”

So what are your thoughts? Take the poll below to let us know how you feel about the situation:

- Mark