US Swimming Nationals: Learn from Watching the Best

This week the US Senior National Championship are being hosted in Palo Alto, CA and will feature 1800 elite swimmers. In previous years, only those local to the meet had the opportunity to watch these amazing swimmers compete. If you were lucky, you might have been able to catch some races on Youtube, posted by a swim parent. Now times are changing and USA Swimming has a free Live Webcast viewable for the entire meet!  It is now easier than ever to watch elite international athletes compete.

The Webcast of Nationals is an opportunity to learn from these elite athletes. Learn how they race, examine their stroke technique, and enjoy the energy level and excitement of the high-caliber swim meet.

Here are few things to focus on while you are watching Nationals this week.

Watch the heats of your favorite/best event.

This is your chance to watch elite swimmers in your favorite event. Focus on observing the stroke technique of these athletes. Observe the technique of the heat & event winners and compare it to the swimmers that finish behind them. Often you can see differences in technique that directly translate to faster swimming. Close your eyes after you watch the race and visualize yourself swimming the race you just watched.

Watch Starts & Turns

On all of the other races that you watch, be sure to focus on the turns and starts. Even if the swimmers aren’t swimming your event or stroke, you can pick up a lot about proper technique in both of these areas. Concentrate on finding the swimmer in each race that is beating everyone else on the turns and underwater. Often it will be the swimmer winning the race!

Enjoy the Racing

Ultimately, competitive swimming is racing, and racing is competition in its purest form. Enjoy watching the mental toughness that the competitors exhibit as they push each other to best times and new levels of performance.

Every day this week (through Saturday), you can watch the US National Swimming Championships Finals starting at 6PM PST. CLICK HERE to watch. Enjoy!